GloucesterCast 239 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/27/17

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GloucesterCast 239 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/27/17

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Speculation about the two big yachts in the harbor all week-
Squeezing the last bit out of summer- Beaches will have minimum 75% less people the first weekend in September then the last weekend in August despite whatever the weather is.
Captain Gary Connell and crew, F/V Tuna Hunter, & angler George Horensky, for this exciting Tag a Tiny recovery, after 8 years (2,976 days) at liberty! F/V Tuna Hunter released this 55″ bluefin tuna off Stellwagen Bank on 8/17/2008. At recapture it was 91 ” (471 lbs), in 52 deg F, by Japanese longline vessel F/V Chokyu 1, Captain Shuji Shibata, on 10/10/2016
Flooding in Texas from hurricane Harvey -Prayers Go Out
Local peach trees Are Ready To pick and Early apples Are Ready
Cafe Brew and Spirits Opened In Former Space Of Cafe Dolce In the West End 3 Main St
Toad Hall is closing- very sad
Amazon Buying Whole Foods

2 thoughts on “GloucesterCast 239 With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/27/17

  1. Very interesting podcast thank you for bringing up the Texas storm so many people lost everything there are a lot of pictures I have seen really bad it was. I have many friends that way I have to check up on! it is real bad with elderly and disabled waste deep in the nursing homes children pets everything! Very sad!! American Red Cross has set up

    Vegetables for example are high this way do to weather Ice Berg Lettuce now this way $5.00 for a head!

    just one of so many:

    Dave:-( & Kim 😦

    Prayers and thoughts for all!


  2. Another great Podcast! Just the two of you, and it flew by! Thank you! Can’t wait to see how the grilled peaches go.


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