Thank you Sista Felicia!

I do my best to put a little “Bridgette” spin on things that I do just because I enjoy it, but sometimes I overwhelm myself.   I know, I know…this kind of mayhem is self-inflicted, but it’s a kind of crazy illness that I learn to live with.   So last week when I was going nuts in preparation for my daughter Lindsey’s Bridal shower and there was one project that I had in my head but was putting off because I just didn’t know how to pull it off  (I may be many things but a seamstress is not one of them!) Felicia jumped aboard the crazy train and just took this bag full of crap I’ve been collecting and made it into more than I could ever have imagined myself!   I am so grateful to her for not only creating this amazingly gorgeous ring bearer pillow made from my wedding gown, my mom’s wedding gown and a special pillowcase of my mother-in-laws, but then going beyond and creating a breathtaking keepsake bridal handkerchief for my daughter on her wedding day in a couple months.    Lindsey was so touched and we were all brought to tears the moment she opened it.   Thank you for your friendship and just for “getting me” without my even having to say anything! ❤ ❤ ❤IMG_4526IMG_4527


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