All by his lonesome, Little Chick survived his first super busy Sunday entirely on his own. Perhaps he needs a new grown up name, such as Tuffers, something that recognizes his strong little spirit–or instinct for survival–subject to how anthropomorphic your views. I’ve gotten used to calling him Little Chick, but am open to suggestions 🙂

Little Chick in a Bowl

Stretch two three, right two three, left two three.

Thirty-nine-day old Piping Plover

12 thoughts on “HOORAY FOR LITTLE CHICK!

    1. I think/hope the best thing that will happen is that other PiPl will join him on GHB. Several times last summer, in August, small groups of traveling PiPL stopped at GHB to forage.


  1. Kim, your photos are exquisite. You can feel every one of Little Chick’s feathers, and all his activities that you record give him quite a personality. I wonder if he needs company, if the other PiPls will accept him at Plum Island or Crane Beach??? Or the other kind of plovers at GH, do they seem to be accepting him? What does Cape Ann Wildlife say? Wasn’t that the outfit that temporarily rescued the little chick that was injured?

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    1. There is now way of knowing while in his juvenile plummage without a biologist sexting him. I began to think of him as a boy after I took a couple of accidental “butt” shots, where he turned quickly and all I got was the rear end. His cloaca seemed somewhat pronounced.


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