Papa Plover was no where to be found this morning (5:30 to 8am). This is very unusual as neither he nor Mama ever left the chicks alone for more than a few moments.

Little Chick spent a good part of the morning resting alone in the sand except for a few moments when he was feeding with the migrating Semi-palmated Plovers. If you see Little Chick, keep a safe distance, which will allow him to forage and rest. If anyone notices Papa, please let us know in the comment section or email me at Thank you so much.


  • Do you think the chick would migrate with any other birds?

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    • Yes I do, Susan. I am looking through last year’s photos now to see when there were other Piping Plovers at Good Harbor Beach

      The southward migration began in mid-July and today we saw sandpipers, Laughing Gulls, and Semi-palmated Plovers. Last year the PiPl that I filmed at Wingaersheek stayed together as a family through mid-August, before being joined by other PiPl readying to migrate.

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  • Kim I know you have been focused on PiPl …. but do you have any update on the injured Mr. Swan?

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  • Oh, no! I live in CA and am coming for vacation this week. I’ve been following the plovers and rooting for them! Love reading about them. Looking forward to walking GH and a possible sighting.

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  • I love all the photos and info about the Plovers. Each day I look forward to the posts and family updates. Hope Papa Plover is safe and sound.


  • Oh, no! I hope Papa Plover is ok. Poor Little Chick.


  • Any news on Papa plover?


  • Your Piping Plover coverage is what tugs at the heart for me. Been following, rooting for those little birds since day one. And also sadly watching and learning about their dwindling family size. ‘That’s Mother Nature’, I know, but everyone was/is praying for them to survive, longer. Your pics and stories are amazing, and I just wanted to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU for your beautiful pics, and all you do to keep me in the loop about my hometown!!!!! Keep up the good work!

    PS Hi to Joey and Paul from me!

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