Friday’s Bluefin Blowout Results

Weigh-in at this year’s Bluefin Blowout opened at 5:00 last night…with the first boat arriving at the dock around 6:15.  Eight boats and eight recorded weights later, and it was very close to 10:00 pm.  The boats arrived back at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort one after the other, all evening long.

This year’s entries are off to an unbelievable start with more than a dozen fish already on ice and some guaranteed fish hitting the scale tomorrow as well.

Friday’s Results look like this:

Sweet Caroline, Captain Alan Murray and crew. 540 pounds

Kelly Ann, Captain Mauro Dibacco and crew. 472.  (Friday’s Daily Jackpot Winner)

Final Offer, Captain Steve Mscisz and crew. 420 pounds

Duck Soup, Captain Alan Petrucci Sr. and crew. 334 pounds

Whistler, Captain Kevin Granfield and crew. 285 pounds

Lily, Captain Bill Muniz (Hollywood) and crew, 282 pounds

Tonno, Captain Anthony Caturano and crew, 266 pounds

Rally Cap, Captain Alex Gonzalez and crew, 246 pounds

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