Worth Waiting For


One of the recently rebuilt sections of Stacy Boulevard. For the past several years, this section had been slowly collapsing into the harbor and closed to the public. It is now spacious, safe, attractive and a wonderful place to hang out and watch the harbor and boat traffic in The Cut.

One comment

  • Great shot Marty and thanks for the update to this project which work will enhance the views and bring area to enjoy! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)

    Saw this the other day thought you may like also.

    Poem Translated by Brother Anthony and Susan Hwang

    My address Book: By Jeong Ho-seung
    All people’s names inscribed in my address book have blown away with the wind.

    The A’s with A’s, the B’s with the B’s blown away in the wind, have all gone wandering along the Silk Road.

    Though some love-hate names have been buried and have turned into mummies forgets them now.

    A name is no love.

    A name without tears is no destiny.

    Once winter is past, the bird’s come flying with leaves in their bills and leave their names in my address book.

    When I see my own flaws in others’ flaws my address book dazzles with magnolia petals falling behind the names in an address book lurk the complex reasons which have brought them there, not always loving reasons, and the fading memories which remind us of the passing of time.

    New moments bring new relationships and new awareness of flaws.

    – My address Book By Jeong Ho-seung


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