Kayaking on Saturday

Beautiful day to be kayaking on Saturday, Rick and I launched from Pavilion Beach over to Ten Pound Island and all around the harbor. On Saturday, the ocean was very reflective but at the same time rolling small waves. Always fun.


  • Nice photos! Beautiful day for kayaking!


  • Great job and love the tiki also…Gives you a great view too at pace you don’t miss too much! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Wanted to share this with you too!

    Just Sharing: in this often difficult world of ours the circle is very powerful and you are guided by your family, friends, and those you meet along the path of life. You will always carry these gifts inside your heart and mind! You may lose some of these influences in a physical sense but never in the sense of spirit which will always live on inside you and can never be taken only given by you!

    I have been thinking of a friend out of Colorado that wrote this book (DJ Vanas; The Tiny Warrior a path to personal Discovery and Achievement). Two saying we often talked about was “Green and growing “spring” and to light the fires “winter” of success you first need a spark. This book is it! Matter of fact I will go one step farther. I will be listening to his CD set series the (Warrior within Part (I & II) this weekend reflection prior to sleep and dreams and visions come as result listening and learning.

    Below quotes of back cover of the book a full 63 pages of growth, “The Tiny Warrior” and as mentioned in the book a tiny egg corn turn’s into the mighty Oak tree just like the dedication page start’s the journey forward.

    “The Tiny Warrior will teach you in a brief, inspiring reading the wisdom many search a lifetime to learn. It will take you on a journey to the center of your soul.” -Billy Mills, National Spokesperson of the Running Strong for American Indian Youth and Olympic Gold Medalist in the 10,000-meter run

    I was given the name of “Red Dog” long ago, must have been the Red Hair? NO. Or was it the fact that I loved the stringed hot dogs from Kenny’s meat market Lanesville, NO. It had a much deeper meaning to me from within. It was not until much later hopefully older and wiser I understood the true meaning of this. I did some a looking back and found how much of true honor this name is and can relate to the meaning from a personal path in early life to present life.

    “We are all poor because we are all honest.” –Red Dog, Oglala Sioux

    Dave 🙂


  • You are most welcome Donna Keep up the great community work too! 🙂 Dave


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