Reblogged from the early days of the blog-

Back in the eighties I heard this song on WBCN once, just once.  I loved it but never found out who sang it and always wanted to find out.

Fast forward 20 plus years and I’m at the library thumbing through the cd collection and lo and behold I run across Willie Alexander’s “The East Main Street Suite” cd and the third song is “Bass Rocks

I had an idea for making a video of Back Shore photos put to Willie’s song and asked his permission which he kindly granted.

But in Willie’s email he asked which version I had, “The East Main Street Suite” version or “the earlier version“?

Intrigued, I checked youtube for “the earlier version”

That’s when I found the following video and decided to scrap my project in favor of Willie’s early eighties music video-

Check out Willie’s website by clicking this text

You can even check out Willie’s wikipedia page by clicking this text

Did you know that Gloucester resident and bad ass Willie Alexander was a part of The Velvet Underground?

BTW Willie if you read this, I think you look like you are in way better shape now than you were back in the early eighties.

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