gypsy moths killing our trees

Dear Joey, I am asking you to send a message to our Gloucester people to inform them of our calamity with the gypsy moths. To some, the trees around them were not affected, but to many especially in the west Gloucester area our trees were decimated this year. They are now growing a second set of leaves, but for a while there it looked like fall came early. All those caterpillar munched and munched our trees. Then they layed cacoons and then they turned into male and female moths. Then they layed eggs on trees, rocks, car tires etc. I have been trying to help my trees in my yard by scraping off the eggs into a plastic zip top bag and putting soap in the bag to kill the eggs and disposing of the bag in the trash. I have been through 2 gallon sized bags so far and never left my property. I was wondering if you could spread the word to Gloucester tree lovers to do the same when they take walks in the forests of Gloucester. It doesn’t take much and kids can help. A spoon, a paintbrush and a plastic bag. By placing the bag under the egg masses, scraping the bark of the tree, and brushing tight areas with the brush, carefully getting all the eggs into the bag. Next year all these eggs may hatch and we will be attacked by millions of caterpillars and moths worse than this year. Yuck. never mind what our trees will look like. Please pass it on Joey, if we all help, there will be less next year. Thanks, Deb Gilbert Herrick of West Gloucester MA

female moth and eggs

bag 2 Moth eggs

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