High tide line from New Moon makes it easy to see dog tracks on Good Harbor Beach despite

No dogs — leash or no leash– rules for the beaches May 1 – October 1 in Gloucester

IMG_20170722_065957 (2)

more signs

I stepped on a plastic bag of dog poop buried in the sand over by the footbridge this morning. It’s a drag. I can grab that plastic bottle litter (not so much really after such a busy day yesterday) The poop, not my thing to pick up…

IMG_20170722_063529 (2)


  • Ever think it could be coyote tracks??


  • Those tracks appear to be along human footsteps – with the poop bag find I think we can rule out that they could be only coyote tracks. I have a dog who loves good harbor, but I love that dogs are not allowed during summer so *I* don’t have to deal with unruly dogs and owners who do not pick up after their pet. And with the plovers there now, this is extra wrong.

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  • Humans…they’re the worst!


  • It is bad owners that make those sad rules for everyone else. An early morning along an empty or nearly empty beach is a doggy dream and one I would love all dogs to be able to enjoy. HOWEVER, as a dog owner, I do not care to go to the beach a find buried poo any more than non dog owners. PLEASE pick up after your pups & let everyone enjoy the great outdoors ALL THE TIME!

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  • There are always the few who spoil it for the many and then this happens – I did a little research and these rules have been in effect for quite some time! I can say when I was young there were less rules all the way around 1950’s and 1960’s but like everything changes do happen and there appears to be many reasons why! Dave


  • Only a couple of years ago, when unleashed dogs roamed Good Harbor freely after 5pm (our favorite time for a summer swim) we came out of the ocean to find dog pee all over our towels — this happened TWICE in 2 days! We are dog lovers who have had rescue dogs from Cape Ann Animal Aid for 20 years, but we NEVER take them Good Harbor Beach and we can assure you they don’t need to run on Good Harbor and pee on towels to have a good life.


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