Huge shout out to Joe Lucido, Mike Hale, and the entire crew that make up the departments of public works and services for the City of Gloucester. Please thank these gentlemen next time you see them. Hard working guys that they are, they have added plover helpers to their long list of responsibilities, and all have lent a hand in helping Gloucester’s Piping Plovers succeed.

Joe heard about the dog owner trouble yesterday and stopped by early, early this morning to help monitor the situation, as well as check on the new weekend trash barrels.

Thanks so much to Joe and Mike and their crews for all that they are doing to help keep our city looking its best, mostly for people, but their efforts tremendously help the Plovers, too.

I took this snapshot of the trash barrels late yesterday afternoon, Sunday, after one of the busiest beach days of the summer. No trash spilling out! So far so good with the updated Carry In/Carry Out-Trash Barrel Plan.


  • Excellent job and inspires so many people to help care for those who cannot always win a break from the balance of everyday life! Looking really good each person adds strength to this and sense of community is very strong there even today! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Thank You Kim for sharing updates along with GMG Today was the first day in about a week the sun came out we got about 290 ML of rain about 17 inches of rain in an heavy overnight rainfall close by us we hit close to this mark also. The park where sand playground is looked like days pond in days woods is all I can say and great to see sun today even if fighting the clouds! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-)

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  • I was very surprised by how many dog footprints there were coming and going in and out of the fenced off area last night. I think it’s pretty cool how so many people are stepping up to keep this little guy safe.

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