I’d like to 100% Endorse These Cheap, Energy Efficient and Classy Looking Night Lights 4 Pack for $11.49

They are an absolute no-brainer purchase.  They emit a slightly warm hue that gives just enough light at night so you can walk around without flipping lights on or off (also allow me to pee in the toilet instead of guessing if it’s a straight shot into the bowl).

The are a small enough footprint that they allow you to still use the other plug in a two plug outlet.  They only cost 30 cents to run for an entire year.  They have a sensor that turns them off when there’s enough light that they aren’t needed.  Totally ingenious, totally cheap, but they look really nice.

You can buy them on Amazon on sale now for $11.49 (normally $15.99)  28% savings

Here’s the link to purchase- Sycees 0.5W Plug-in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Warm White, 4-Pack

There’s 2168 Five Star Reviews

Here’s some shots from our house-


One comment

  • Very good find here and very nice recommendation Joey! Beat’s being told about the misses and messes!
    I remember in the 70’s some folks used a lighter or if you were out west no running water Bonnies had to take a flashlight with you some places hung extension cords to them for a bulb but then someone would always forget to turn it off and summertime attracted lots of bugs them ye old out-houses Not to mention you may have other company like raccoons, skunks, and yep snakes from time to time especially the ground level ones and door left open!. And yes had them that way too sort of went out somewhat in the 1960s! 🙂 Dave :-O


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