Alicia Unleashed- EPICsode 60

Taped 5/12/2017 with Sam, Rachel, B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox


We went back! BACK TO THE 90’S!

We revisit all things 90’s right off the bat with O’Maley School’s “ShamRock” which was the OG Lip Sync Battle (it was a competition). B destorys her yearbooks.

Whatever happened to the Steve Kercher Band? Where are they now? Who has that music video vhs?

Hot Plate: The Vape Store is gone. Now it’s a nail salon!

HAPPY Nurse’s Appreciation Week! National Teacher’s Day! National Military Spouse Day!

Dating Dictionary: B explains the 2 new terms “Haunting” and “Situationship” we even talk about a man of Alicia’s Summer past (sorry Mr. E).

What generation are we? We have determined we are the “Oregon Trail Generation”. We are not MILLENNIALS! We need to find STARTAH JACKETS ASAP! We also need to find some Watermelon Color Z Cavaricci.

We still haven’t learned our lessons. Bridget and Sam invented podcasts, we’re convinced.

We play “Would your rather?”, we talk our Top Hearthrobs of yesteryear, Favorite teen books, pen pals, our “first time” on the information super highway.

We touch base on some of the BIGGEST 90’s news stories (briefly). Also we celebrate the 20th birthday of so many of our favorite songs!

Opening song: Mark Morrison-Return of the Mack
Closing Song: Semisonic-Closing Time


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