Alicia Unleashed- Get Uncomfortable

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay-1Alicia Unleashed taped 12/30/2016 with B-Side, Sam, Christina and Hostess Alicia Cox


Sam and Christina phoned in with us!

Happy New Year folks!


13 thoughts on “Alicia Unleashed- Get Uncomfortable

  1. Very Interesting end of year wrap-up New year look forward!! Happy New Year like they say when you look into a mirror only you are looking within! Well said pain does make one feel in more ways than one valleys and peaks!!

    We all have the struggles or lessons acceptance and drive growing up it’s the foundation to build from!!

    “Reflecting: On saying In life I never really liked very much is, “Think outside the box.” The reason for dislike is boxes are built to hold something in!

    A very close Native American friend, and Mom and Dad, Grandfather, Grandmother, wisdom on the path of life we had many talks about this particular saying.

    “We all agree that if you do not create a box you will not be held in, or back, too think within it. Therefore, not having or requiring you to think outside of it!.” – Dave

    Partial From a native spirit quote prayer below.
    “Then you can find the strength and wisdom to fight your greatest enemy we have, from within and that is yourself.” You said this same one in this cast.”

    I remember being told as a teen if you only look for the negative that is all you are going to find! Now is there a lot of bad stuff today OH YES! There is a reason for this human aspect how we have two eyes to see, two ears to hear, but only one mouth. Made that way for survival I’d say!!

    Journey – Lights

    Wishing you all the best! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


      1. Your welcome! You show a lot of wisdom for your years – many times we are forced into this by issues out of control, we have to adapt and overcome! I learn from everyone and growing up that way yep I am an older fart foundation was great and carried me through the many rough roads of life! 🙂 Dave yes we were rascals growing up but the adults kept us in check community too!


    1. Moving to MA broke my heart., what do you keep insisting on bringing up my be with women, you don’t do that to Alicia. Am I the only person that has lesbian friends that became family? I just to understand this running theme you have.


      1. It’s just my shitty memory. I remember you being out in San Fran and being on the softball team and you being in a couple relationships. I just didn’t remember if it was a girl that broke your heart or a boy.


        1. It was neither for me to say that. It’s the song, I fell in love with the Bay area and the City. Tony Bennett said it best, until you have spent some time there you will not understand. I just love that place and miss it dearly. My point at 19:24 is that I challenge someone to change that. It will be a hard feat.


  2. #dontbeanasshole
    To the people acting like 2016 is horrible because we’ve had a bunch of celebrity deaths- There’s going to be a shitload of awesome people that die in 2017. Your point about looking at the positive is on point. It’s perspective. If all people focus on is the bits of news that sucked, then that’s your reality. #staypositive


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