GMG Community Thinktank- Coffee Makers Please Leave a Comment With Your Favorite

Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

I’m not a fan of Keurig coffee makers.  We use one currently at the house only because it’s what’s there, but honestly, there’s not one K-cup that I’d say I was crazy about.

We’re looking for a new coffee maker for the house that may or may not be a Christmas present for someone ;).

What do you guys recommend?

Leave me a comment on this post on a coffee maker that you love and I’ll list them out and research them.

Right now Gizmodo highly recommends the Bonavita BV1800 8-Cup Coffee Maker

It looks nice and gets good reviews and I’m leaning this way but am curious what my awesome readers have to say.

Check out the Bonavita and read the reviews here


16 thoughts on “GMG Community Thinktank- Coffee Makers Please Leave a Comment With Your Favorite

  1. We have had ours for about three years. I think a French press turns out better flavor, but this is great for super hot, super quick coffee. Be sure to discard the teaspoon of water on the first pour each morning.The carafe does a fabulous job at keeping the coffee hot.You will have to run the innards through with vinegar and rinse with water every four or five months to keep the grinds from clogging the spray holes.


  2. Maybe you could have a ‘coffee contest’ on a pod cast and compare. My vote – French Press. First time we had French pressed coffee was on a beach in Tonga. I told my mother about how good it was and she bought my husband a French press 20 years ago. He didn’t think he’d use it. Now, not a day goes by that he doesn’t use it 1 – 2 x a day. 30 seconds to ground the beans, pour hot water and let it steep while you dress. Fresh ground beans of your choice, freshly pressed with great flavor, aroma and a head on it like a fine craft beer. Even though it’s glass, it’s lasted all these years. Now we have 2 French Press – one for his full caf, one for my decaf/half caf. We even have another ‘single cup’ French press that doubles as a ‘to-go’ cup. French pressed much quicker than you might imagine, and the flavor is totally worth it. ‘French Pressed’ all the way. 🙂


  3. the bonvita 1900 with stainless carafe is awesome. 10 cup for me….best way to make a bunch of coffee, and to have more for later.
    using a single cup pour over (Manual #1) taught me a lot about making better coffee…this was the choice for lots of coffee that will taste great and be available an hour later too. The only way it could be improved would be to build in a burr grinder into the bonavita itself.
    Then get a Wacao Minipress for espresso on the go too…


  4. I’d second the french press suggestion–seems like a little extra work, but totally worth it. I will never go back to a standard coffee maker, and k-cups are an environmental disaster. Our french press came from Ikea–stainless steel, double walled so it stays warm. I do wish it was a little bigger (it’s pretty big, but we drink a lot of coffee). Oh yeah, ALWAYS grind your beans just before brewing. With our stainless steel french press I believe I make one of the best cups of coffee available on Cape Ann.


  5. While on active duty I have used the Hamilton Beach the scoop and now with all the blends be even better! I have to admit now I don’t drink as much coffee and use instant…Mr. Coffee was big also during military days easy to make and taste better than those big 40 cup jobs take the hair of your neck : 🙂 Dave


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