“Decorating the tree each year is like seeing a friend you’ve been missing”….or so says my older son, Thatcher. I couldn’t agree more. I LOVE some of our favorite ornaments….and it’s like, well…it’s like Christmas…unpacking them each year.

The other night was tree decorating night in the Schrafft house and I promised myself I’d be “in the moment” and not worried about lunch packing, laundry folding, email checking, work finishing, or even blog posting.  Not easy for me…sad, but true.

It is amazing to me that, at the fine ages of nine and seven, the boys already cherish these miniscule moments….the who always hangs what and the Oh! I remember buying this whens.  We have all adopted these quirky little practices of how the ornament boxes are placed in a row on the couch, which ones are gently unpacked first and who hangs which ornaments. It has played out organically over the years and without real intention, but each moment is special in the tradition that makes Christmas “ours.”

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