Beautiful light of Fall

On Wednesday it was so beautiful out all day. The light and clouds were amazing.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful light of Fall

  1. Very beautiful and what an escape when needed – not hate and no debates here that’s the way it should be 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    I think this song says it right grab the family and friends & Hubby head out! 🙂

    Van Morrison – Meet Me in the Indian Summer


      1. Wow not even frost on the pumpkin time :-O That is a wee bit early think the weather patterns world-wide are going to continue to be crazy…Depending upon which way the wind blows has a lot to do with direction.

        Here when the typhoon hit south it pushed warm weather up with it but as soon as the typhoon passed the cold weather came. The bitter cold is winter when Manchurian fronts come down from the North frosty indeed sort like standing on the break-wall during the howlers the wet makes it bone chilling as kids we didn’t care but now a wee bit more to the squeeze the breeze freezing the reason! 🙂 ! :-O Dave & Kim :-O


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