Thirty-four minutes and 6.07 seconds.  That is how long I waited in line for one dozen cider doughnuts at Russell Orchards yesterday.  And…I’d do it again.  My only regret is that some people in line around me had empty wine glasses because they were smart enough to partake in wine tasting prior to getting in line.  Me, not so much.

After an afternoon hockey game at Pingree we drove through Essex and into Ipswich to spend some time at Russell Orchards….which thousands of friends.

The boys tolerated the annual sit near the pumpkin photo before we headed into the bar to check out the line.  They immediately deemed it too long for them to stand in, but promised to not get the largest pumpkins on the farm if I held a place in line for them. Deal.

The boys picked out their pumpkins, found their favorite honey sticks, and did some drive-bys to check on my progress (or, most likely, to check on how much longer they had to wait for a warm cider doughnut).

Super warm doughnuts in hand, the boys tolerated the annual Russell Orchards Ford Truck photo and then we all meandered down to the pond and barns to see the animals.  We checked on the little pigs…and the giant one.  We looked at the goats, ducks, chickens, bunny, and one rat.  Finn picked up an apple that was already on the ground in front of a donkey and offered it to him….without shoving a finger up its nose.  I should explain that Finn had a thing for shoving his finger up the nostril of many a farm animal when he was younger.  We read the sign that said, “Please do not feed the donkeys” and did not do it again.

The boys tolerated the annual sit on the tractor photo and we were off.

Forced Family Fall Farm Fun. Check.  I was happy that their hockey schedules cooperated this weekend so we could get our farm fun on.



4 thoughts on “34:06.07

  1. Hahaha ~ we have them at Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, Md. Same thing ~ eat them in 10 mins stand in line for 30-45 mins and think about them for the next year. But now I’m wondering why they don’t have wine…umm they have alpacas and the monarchs are back…wine sounds like a very good idea! Yup ~ thanks Nichole ~ good Monday morning post ~ and idea for the suggestion box 😉

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  2. Nichole what Donna said is 100 spot on for both your children have a great Mom & Dad! The messages you impart are vital keep them coming!! I saw this one and thought you may like for class rooms or just as a continuing path on the journey of life!! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Enjoy I did and have been here myself with animals! Crows are very smart and observe a way around obstacles Mom showed me this when she put out hard dog food purina dog chow…Too big to swallow so they would grab it hop over to water bowl drop it in when soften up eat it go back and repeat the routine!

    The girl who gets gifts from birds

    # 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw2WFNWZc9o&feature=youtu.be


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