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Did anyone else see that swirly sundog in the west last night? Sundog Cape Ann Marina copyright Kim Smith


OLIVER HAZARD PERRY Eastern Point Lighthouse Gloucester MA copyright Kim SmithThese photos were taken as the sun was setting, from Stage Fort Park, on my way home from Manchester last night. How beautiful to catch a glimpse of this grand ship anchored in our harbor and adjacent to the Eastern Point Lighthouse. Folks enjoying dinner at the park were referring to it as the “pirate ship.” Here in Gloucester Harbor for one night only, Rhode Island’s tall ship the Oliver Hazard Perry will be returning in September. 

OLIVER HAZARD PERRY Eastern Point Lighthouse Gloucester MA -1 copyright Kim SmithGloucester Harbor home copyright Kim SmithAlso from Stage Fort Park ~ windows onto the harbor


Cecropia Moth caterpillar copyright Kim SmithCecropia Moth Caterpillar

So many thanks to my new friend Lauren, who generously shared cuttings from her American Birch Tree growing in her fantastic habitat garden. Her garden paradise is a pollinator’s dream, filled with gorgeous flowering and fruiting trees and shrubs, native wildflowers, and non-invasive well-behaved ornamental plants. While we were chatting, a Monarch flew on the scene, pausing to nectar at her butterfly bush! Mothra and her siblings thank Lauren, too.


Let The Search Begin

I found Catherine’s post very interesting. The 1954 article includes some very alluring descriptions of the locations of two old military training or muster fields in West Gloucester.

The first is south of Concord St and in 1954 was known as the Currier Pasture. Does anyone know where that is located? According to the article, there are carvings in the granite that memorialize the use of the field by the Danvers Light Infantry in 1861. The carvings were in good condition in 1954 and might remain so today.

The second location said to have been used by the militia in 1776. Its location is obscure, said to be “somewhere off of Thompson street.” There is supposed to be an inscription on a granite boulder at that location as well.

Well, Thompson Street is easy enough to find. It connects with Concord St. just north of the Rte 128 underpass. Follow the road a few hundred yards and you come upon a City of Gloucester sign marking “The Old Thompson Street Historic Walking Path.” The path (which I have not yet trod) meets Bray Street where the Essex County Greenway has established the Thompson Street Reservation that contains a network of trails. Old Thompson continues across Bray St., through the woods, to the Walker Creek vicinity where I believe I once saw a sign marking its terminus.



Somewhere along Thompson St., there might exist a flat area that contains an inscribed boulder that would be an awesome Revolutionary War relic.

Does anyone have any information that might be useful in finding either of these two fields? Please share your knowledge in a posted comment.







Birthday Boy

Yes… I have to admit it. It’s today and I am now the big 80. Last Saturday my family had the greatest party for me with a ton of my friends and delectable food prepared by my daughter Kim. And Alison and David did their usual outstanding things to bring it all together. To top it off look who showed up…I could not believe it! Thank you all who came and for your generous gifts.

2016 08 15 The Family G15 006

2016 08 15 The Family G15 010

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