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Live Blues A Lil Mo! Mr. Sipp!!!!!!!

Mr. Sipp and his band are destroying Stage Fort right now at the 5th Annual Blues Festival! Mr. Supp & Rick Ross? Dude is a boss on bass!




Just wow

The Blues Artist of the year FYI!

And you may have mist this?

And if you wanna get close…

Real close

Mr. Sipp from Mississippi comes to you!

Stormz a brewin’ down here folks!

You can’t feel that?

|Squeeze dat damn thang Sipp!!!

Fat Tuna Brings in a Pretty Fat Tuna

The 2nd fish in at this year’s Bluefin Blowout was landed by Fat Tuna!  Congratulations.

A beautiful fish weighing in at 412 pounds was just a little too small to take the lead from Shark Bait….and was soon outweighed by the Miss Fern’s 536 pound fish that hit the dock just 15 minutes later.  Good showing though!

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