Throwback Thursday tribute: downtown Gloucester 1978 Sidewalk Bazaar

“Lucille Genovese gets into the spirit of the Chamber’s three-day sidewalk bazaar that started today.”

– Thursday, Aug 3, 1978, Gary Langer photo –above the fold– clipping from the Gloucester Daily Times.

Main Street’s 58th Annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar opens today led by Gloucester Downtown Assoc. Sashay down Main Street while it’s closed to regular traffic for three special days.

1978 downtown sidewalk bazaar001

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday tribute: downtown Gloucester 1978 Sidewalk Bazaar

  1. I worked at WE Blanchard in 1978 on Main St. We were always crazy busy as special stock was brought in for the sale. He also put all of the past season Monet, Trifari, and other fine costume jewelry out at 1/2 off. People couldn’t wait to gobble up the merchandise. I remember being so happy when Sat. came. I loved seeing so many of the locals enjoying even back then it but it was exhausting.

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  2. Cape Ann always grew during the summer and these are the moments you cannot forget! Pauline Gifts 100% spot on…In Lanesville the shutter on the cottages would come down and the winding dirt road would once again be driven on the right side of the break wall going up along the shore toward past Higgins hill and father toward ocean could George Morey and Duke heading out of lanes cove to the right dory, to tend to the net.. and dory come in low and full pulled them up by Pulley by hand in the metal basket one up in one in the dory covered in fish scoop them up! 🙂 Dave Lanesville 1958-1968


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