Eat Your Vegetables, But Take Care ‘Fiddling’ With Fiddleheads

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Fiddlehead Ferns – Considered a gourmet, wild food found locally from April – July.

I was first introduced to fiddleheads in the 1980’s. A side dish sautéed by my friend Michael Claudio was a delicious accompaniment to one of his many amazing, gourmet meals.

Fiddlehead Nutrition Facts – Low in calories – 34. High in vitamin A (72%) and Vitamin C (44%) (per 100 grams.)

Shop Local. ‘Fresh is Best. Fiber is Filling.’ Though I occasionally had seen fiddleheads at local farm stands and produce stores since I first had them, I had never ventured to cook them myself. This spring I began seeing and enjoying fiddleheads on the menus of some higher end Cape Ann restaurants. Delicious! So when I saw them at a local farm stand (not on Cape Ann and whose name will remain anonymous!)      I decided to add them to a meal I was preparing…

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6 thoughts on “Eat Your Vegetables, But Take Care ‘Fiddling’ With Fiddleheads

    1. I told Bob Marshall this story when I saw him at the Magnolia Farmer’s Market. He said after hearing my story, he decided not to sell fiddleheads. :O


  1. Have you eaten fiddleheads Catherine? When harvested and cooked correctly, they really are delicious and nutritious. I have since read that the recommendation about the ’10-minute boil’ is because the “fiddleheads may have been be in a river that has flooded and may have contaminants from wastewater treatment or runoff from agricultural fields.” Unfortunately, this information didn’t show up when I googled how to cook them. :O


    1. Thanks Dave & Kim! I shared it with the hope of educating others so they not experience what we went through. Luckily, it was a mild case. 🙂 Now I have some burdock to cook, but after my fiddlehead experience, I’m hesitant. :O


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