I Found A Double Walled 30 Oz Stainless Hot/Cold Tumbler With An Extra Sliding Lock Lid For Less Money!

Someone was complaining that they love their Tumbler and can’t believe how long it kept the ice even in a blazing hot car all afternoon but they wished it had a locking lid.  I researched it and found this one that actually throws in a second sliding lock lid and is even cheaper!

Kate LOVES the fact that she can load hers up with iced water and put it on her nightstand and it doesn’t sweat at all.  No need for coasters and saves your coffee tables from those nasty condensation rings!

Here’s the link to order one-  order on Amazon here for $16.95 with free shipping if you’ve got Amazon prime

You can get in on the Cape Ann Coffees Mug Club where you bring in your 30 OZ Tumbler, Slap on a provided GMG sticker and get your XL coffee for the price of a Large!  Read the details here about the Cape Ann Coffees Mug Club



imageOrder a couple here 

You could order one but I guarantee that your spouse is going to want one.  Guarantee, LOL!

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