Catch a moon…or not

I’ve alway said that the best part about photography is what I learn about what I’m shooting and the people I meet along the way.   Last night I was out, so I thought I would try to catch the moon since I missed the actual full moon the night before.   I headed over to GHB and grabbed my gear out of the car, but there is just something about a camera with a big lens that makes people want to sidle up to you and chat.   Little do they realize that I had about a 10 minute window to get what I was after, and alas I did not get the shot I was going for, but I did however chat with a family whose young son told me that this was a “Full Buck Moon” which represents the time of the year when the male deer start to grow antlers (hmmm….didn’t know that!).   Then I ran into my niece (or she ran into me while she was out running and she then proceeded to photobomb my moon pic (which she thought she ruined, but I thought it will be a fun memory of “that summer night when…”) and finally I met Ed Comer who runs the Blue Shutters Inn across the street and was out admiring the moon with his guests the rest of us!   So no…I didn’t get a NatGeo quality photo, but I still had a GOOD night of photography!!

My niece Jess photobombing my pic!

12 thoughts on “Catch a moon…or not

  1. Absolutely beautiful shot make a great calendar this is over by good harbor beach area and what a great inn too the views on the waterfront! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

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      1. Indeed, and we can view even from so far away talk about being there I bet I can still find my way around even after all the years. I remember the Natural spring in Dog Town because nearby had those wild blue berries! 🙂 Dave

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