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GloucesterCast 192 with Heidi Dallin, Bob Walsh, Andrea Goldman, Jenna Worden, James Dowd, George and Charles King, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/17/16

GloucesterCastSquareGloucesterCast 192 with Heidi Dallin, Bob Walsh, Andrea Goldman, Jenna Worden, James Dowd, George and Charles King, Cat Ryan, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 7/17/16

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The Last Schwartz Andrea Goldman Playing Kia, Running From Now Til the 30th of July At The Gloucester Stage Co, Same Playwright as Out Of Sterno Deb Laufer
James Dowd Volunteer For Block Party Running
Flying Car Advertising Co Needs Advice On Lobster Bait
Cat Ryan and Charles and George King You can see your quotes for the coats and other information on the youcaring site. Thank you everybody, all the coat supporters, and the news –Good Morning Gloucester, Cape Ann Beacon, Bay State Banner, Gloucester Daily Times, and The Gillnetter– for spreading the story and helping save this coat.
Two shared artist spaces in Fitz Henry Lane House and Sefathia for The Arts
Wigaersheek is an odd name- odd days for dogs in the winter


Block party

The security guy at Niles Beach Eastern Point Pillars is a great ambassador for the city

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Another Game Changer For Android Users With Removable Batteries

For Android users battling battery issues- Ive purchased a million micro usb recharging cords, but I’ve been doing it all wrong.  The move is to buy the second battery with the slim battery charger so you just swap out the battery that’s down to 10% at 3 or 4 o’clock and you got yourself a freshie at 100% that easily gets you through the day.  Absolute Game changers and I’m actually disappointed in myself that I haven’t figured this out sooner.  With my current phone, the LGG4 swapping out your battery is easy peasy .  Swap in less that 10 seconds and go about your power using cell phone use without worrying for the rest of your day.  #Boom
LG G4 Power Charger Pack (2900mAh Battery BCK-4800 + Charging Cradle) 100% Genuine Guarantee

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Thank you Elizabeth and Morgan for sharing!!

Hi Kim,

I enjoy your posts on GMG! I am sending along a monarch I just saw on a buddleia at Wolf Hill this afternoon. The first I’ve seen this season.

I now have the good fortune to ‘live’ with one of your gardens as I joined the staff of Pathways in November. The garden here is spectacular! And much appreciated by staff, children and families.

Elizabeth Redmond

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Hello Kim,

The first monarch appeared yesterday. Today there were two flying around together!
I was starting to worry about the milkweed taking over my gardens.
Not anymore!

Reid’s Ride

On Sunday, July 17, 2016, the 12th annual Reid’s ride was held. These wonderful bicycle riders peddle from Lynnfield to Stage Fort Park to raise money for research and awareness for AYA, Fighting Cancer in Adolescents and young Adults. Reid mom, also rides the 28 miles.

To read more on Reid’s story please go to for following link:

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Willow Rest could use some love


FOB Emily Matthews wrote in to let us know that Willow Rest’s refrigeration unit went kaput Friday and It was super awesome that Melissa (the owner) was able to donate everything to the “Open Door” in time.  Dave Tucker said they had trouble getting in touch with Open Door because it was after hours but he drove down to see if there was a number that he could call to receive this food before it spoiled he passed a lady walking down by the boat ramp and tennis courts and stopped and asked her if she worked at the open door and she said yes so she waited an hour or so till he came back with all the goods from the walk in at Willow rest. So a Big Thanks to that nice lady who stayed and waited for him to get back on a Friday night! Dave said that they hope to get the new compressor on Monday or Tuesday maybe a day to prep to reopen for Wednesday or Thursday.

In Emily’s words…”They will need, and so totally deserve, our very best help and devoted patronage once they’re back up and running. Hight of their season; huge expense hit; and all those hard working folks outta work for a critical period of time”.

I can’t imagine how hard of a hit it is to have to replace it all and start up again as well as fix the unit!  So….if you haven’t been by to try their awesome breakfast sandwiches, focaccia’s (my fav is the sausage and apple!), grabbed some fresh produce for the day or you need an event catered… make it a point to stop down after they reopen and give them some love to get them back up to speed!  ❤

Boston Globe weekly update includes Summer Drift exhibition at Flatrocks Gallery in Gloucester with works of art by Susan Egan, Frances Hamilton and Kyle Brown. And Rockport Bearskin Neck in travel section.

Summer Drift at Flatrocks Gallery continues through August 14th.

July 17 2016 Flatrocks Gallery Boston Globe

(The cropped Statue of liberty is a file photo from the 2015 Revere Beach sand sculpting festival which returns next weekend.)

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Don’t get dizzy… A quick walk through Main Street from this evening! #gloucesterblockparty