Blackburn Challenge TODAY !!! Saturday July 16,2016

OMG! Tomorrow. Since last year was not a cake walk around Cape Ann there are a couple of things your boat has to have. You were sent a list. Go to 3 Lanterns in Gloucester to pick up that safety whistle for $1.75.

Row Open Water Northeast has a map of safety boats. Also good links, possibly Bib numbers for tracking participants.

Cape Ann Rowing Club has tons of info, start times, links.

RaceJoy is the mobile phone app for tracking participants. Ask the people you want to track for their RaceJoy Bib Number. (This list may be posted on the above sites.) Find Blackburn Challenge listed under Massachusetts then find Rubber Duck Bib #40.

7:15AM the Stand Up Paddlers take off from the Gloucester High School.  All manner of rowed and paddled vehicles then start up the Annisquam.

8:45AM the six man Outrigger Canoes start HUT HUT HUTTING down the river.

Where is your seatbelt Pikachu?
Where is your seatbelt Pikachu?


4 thoughts on “Blackburn Challenge TODAY !!! Saturday July 16,2016

    1. Saw you and Rick at Corliss. I had not blown a seal by then. (Not really but that paddle is hard. Can’t imagine how Jimmy T and the rest do it in a dory,)

      I got a half a dozen shout-outs for “Paul” but Rubber Duck got at least two dozen.


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