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Crow battle copyright Kim SmithDear Friends,

A reminder that no dogs are allowed on Good Harbor Beach during the summer and particularly while the Piping Plovers are nesting. It truly is a matter of life and death for these rare and endangered tender shorebirds. The past several mornings there have been dogs on GHB, off leash. Although the Plovers nest is at the edge of the dune, once they have hatched, the tiny nestlings will soon be going to the water’s edge to feed. They will most assuredly be squished by an exuberant pooch if owners do not keep their dogs off the beach. Please let your house guests, friends, neighbors, and family know about these rare creatures calling Good Harbor Beach home for the summer, and why it is so vitally important to keep dogs off the beach.

Yes, I took photos of the scofflaws, but do not want to post another batch. I’d rather we spend the time helping people understand why, and trying to prevent further incidences.

Piping Plover with garbage plastic bottle pollution copyright Kim SmithOf far greater concern is the fact that last night some persons were picnicking in the Plover’s cordoned off area. The thoughtless ones buried their trash in the sand, but left some remaining on top. At daybreak several crows, I am sure drawn by the brightly colored Doritos bag, began digging in the sand. They were soon joined by a dozen or so crow family members, where a great noisy battle ensued over the bones and garbage. The combat took place in the Plover’s plot, causing the nesting Plover extreme distress. She left the nest, trying all her tricks to distract the crows from the eggs, and was really quite brave in fending them off, all the while calling frantically to her mate. The battle lines were coming closer and closer to the Plover nest.

Why was she so alarmed? Because crows (and gulls) eat Piping Plover eggs!

As a filmmaker I try very hard not to intervene in wildlife behaviors while filming, I stand as still as a stone and the creatures soon forget about me and go about their normal business. However, in this case, the garbage strewn about in the Plover’s plot was human created and needed human intervention. I chased the crows out of the area and within a few moments, the Plovers had resumed their morning routine.Crow battle -2copyright Kim Smith

Some folks are under the misguided notion that it is a good thing to bury trash, even burying glass bottles. Tony and Murray, our awesome GHB DPW crew, told me that burying bottles is the worst thing people do because as the clean up tractor unwittingly is driven over the hidden garbage, bottles break, and then there is broken glass everywhere. Burying food and bones and plastic is nearly as bad. The seagulls and crows inevitably find the trash, drag it all across the beach, and then the plastic ends up in the ocean. If there weren’t so much nightly trash left on the beach, we wouldn’t have nearly as many crows, and the shorebirds would be far safer.

Please, no dogs and no trash on our beautiful beach. Thank you. The Piping Plovers thank you too.Crow feeding copyright Kim Smith

Alicia Unleashed 32- Spillin’ the Tea

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 32 Taped 7/5/16 with B-Side, John Sheehan and Hostess Alicia Cox

How did John get on the podcast?, Arancini interruption, Weekend Festivities, Traffic to Winga, Kardashian’s, Body types filters on Grinder, Tindah, Dating off the island, John’s spiritual date, John rants about dating, Orlando, John’s summer career goals, Fatimas Hair Design, Summer drinks, Jamie at Stones, How did the EFX appear?, Love the YMCA has AC, Do’s and Don’ts with John, Salon pet peeves, Has there been an age that’s been hard for you?, Where you think you should be at your age?, Zodiac signs, Go visit Jessica at Etsy, John throws out a special deal for listeners, Follow John on Instagram @Jgaga92, Longest podcast

The Rockport Legion Band will perform first free concert of their 83rd consecutive Season ~ July 10

The Rockport Legion Band will perform our first free  concert of our 83rd consecutive summer concert series at the Back Beach Bandstand, Beach St, Rockport, MA. at 7pm

rockport legion

Popcorn is available.  Children are welcome.  Folding chairs and blankets are good.  In case of rain we will play inside the Legion Hall, next to the bandstand.

Jim Davison will conduct this program.

  JULY 10 – 2016 at 7pm
6 THE THUNDERER John Philip Sousa
12 WASHINGTON POST MARCH   John Phillip Sousa
  THE SOUND OF MUSIC Richard Rogers
  JOSHUA Paul Yoder
103 CARTOON SYMPHONY arr. Larry Clark
  SOARING Sean O’Loughlin
  Jason Howard, trumpet
  UPTOWN FUNK Bruno Mars
  William Altman, alto sax, & Ben Fuller
  ROMANZA Wolfgang Amedeus Mozart
  John Basset, alto horn
  SATCHMO arr. Ted Ricketts
  AMPARITO ROCA Jaime Texidor
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