Dear GMG Friends

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After over five and half years as an author on GMG, the time has come for me to take my leave and follow a different path. I love Gloucester and have truly enjoyed being a part of GMG, getting to know and love fellow authors, friends of the blog and, of course, Joey and his family. We had many great times on Madfish Wharf at Khan Studio and the GMG gallery, during weekly mug ups, art openings, Nights on the Neck, get-togethers for no particular reason except to get together, Rocky Neck plunges, group exhibits in various places, Christmas parties at Fred’s and more. GMG is made up of a great, unique and talented group of contributors and devoted readers.

As has become obvious, to the great chagrin of some, after being a silent Christian spending too much time in the world and not enough time with Him, God has clearly called me to come out of it and focus only on Him, to be prepared for the times we are coming into. During the course of my posting of the Revelation Series, which Joey graciously allowed me to do, even though it was viewed by some as religion, many readers contacted me, some on blog, many off, to say how grateful they were for the “voice crying out in the wilderness”. When you have a deep and abiding love of someone or something that you cannot talk about, you have no choice but to leave. Imagine if Donna could not talk about her grandkids, Felicia about her cooking, St. Joseph’s Feast or St. Peter’s Novena, Kim about her butterflies, or Paul about RD. For those who despise, disbelieve or just feel they have no need of God, you can feel safe again on GMG.

To those whom God is calling and would like to stay connected, please email me at I intend to start a blog for sharing and discussions centered on God, His abundant blessings on us, and how He is calling us in these times. He is doing a work in Gloucester—calling His to stand up, be counted and come together. This is not about religion or Church—two institutions of man that have in large part miserably failed God in his courtship with mankind—it is about the most important relationship we can have in life. Anyone who is not turned off by God, feel free to come by the Hobbit House and visit any time.

To those who say “good riddance”, know that you are still loved, and no offense is taken. I and other believers in Gloucester continue to pray for all of Cape Ann and beyond.

Wishing all the best to everyone in GMG land, EJ

PS Those organizations and others for whom I have done postings, such as Cape Ann Forum and Rocky Neck Art Colony, please contact Joey so he can direct you on what he needs for future postings.

33 thoughts on “Dear GMG Friends

  1. E.J., I always enjoy your posts even though I consider myself more of a spiritual agnostic than religious. Your artwork is beautiful and obviously heartfelt. Keep me (and Gloucester) in your prayers and I hope to meet you someday soon. Peace.

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    1. Thanks Susan, I always try to, and I hope you do too. Only our hearts can lead us to those grand and spacious places that our minds can never grasp the magnitude of.


  2. I’m very happy for EJ and the happiness she’s found.
    The entire GMG community is better off for having known her. Not just good times, but great times we’ve had with her.
    Thanks for everything EJ!

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  3. I will miss your GMG postings, your art and your photography. I have enjoyed your religious FB postings even though I do not go to church.


    1. Thanks Kathy. Hopefully we’ll see each other on Rocky Neck this summer. So many churches have lost their salt and become tepid. I didn’t attend church for many years because they have turned into nothing more than social clubs where nice people go on Sunday, but God and definitely Christ aren’t invited in. Having a relationship with God is a relationship, not a religion, and in the current Laodicean period in church history, Christ tells us in Revelation that they are so lukewarm they make him nauseous and he wants to spew them from his mouth. So its no wonder you don’t go to church.


  4. I have very much enjoyed all your many talents EJ. My best wishes to you in your journey. Your honesty and courage are an inspiration. Thank you.


  5. Best wishes to you.
    I do not think it’s a matter of folks who “despise, disbelieve or just feel they have no need of God, you can feel safe again on GMG.”
    As you explained it’s not about ‘religion or church’, but a personal relationship with God. I believe that is what GMG readers who perhaps objected were feeling. It is personal.
    Good luck with your blog.


    1. Thank you. Actually personal is what makes GMG the unique and special blog that it is. Every author on the blog shares their personal self (Donna and her grandkids, Kim and her love of butterflies, Joey and his love of Gloucester, Kaitlin, Family and community, Paul Morrison and his love, or identification with RD, Manny and his love of smiles, Nicole and her love of her boys, Felicia and her love of cooking and religious ceremony, etc.), otherwise it would just be a news or community event bulletin board. In fact, there were comments, that you may not have read over the winter, that were made by people who clearly despise God, and it was them I was speaking to.


  6. Some things I miss out on. Might be due to having a failing brain, or maybe because my ipad often doesn’t load significant portions of GMG posts. But I totally missed anything about negativity re: your posts. So I had to do a search to figure it all out. I have really enjoyed all your GMG contributions, including those having to do with spirituality. I thank you for sharing so much of yourself here. Today I read the first three pieces on your new blog, and I’ll be one of your regular readers. I don’t comment much on the blogs I follow, but please know I’m here nonetheless. Keep up the great work!

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  7. Hi Terry,
    No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m still here on Rocky Neck at the Hobbit House. I never know where and when I might be led somewhere else, but for now I am quite happily here. Hope to see you around the Neck over the summer. I see David often, but it’s always a special treat to see you.


  8. OK, EJ is not going anywhere, still on Rocky Neck, and today is fourth anniversary of the lobster pig-out on Rocky Neck. Or was it devilled eggs on this date?

    So let’s have an old time GMG Mug-Up at Hobbit House! You can make your devilled eggs (Jesus says they are totally OK they are approved for heathens like me 🙂 ), Alicia can bring those diet busting cinnamon rolls (OMG I just gained three pounds typing that) Joey can bring some lobster (and I swear I won’t eat the tail off the extra one Joey almost smacked me) and I’ll bring the coffee.

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    1. I think that would wonderful. We did have one mug up here, and it worked out fine, even though the space is small, and I have the tent and table outside. We’d have to do it on a Saturday morning, if that could work (I think Joey is off on Saturdays, and Sundays were always hard for him).Hard boiled eggs were a big part of Jewish Seder ceremony and a hard-boiled egg represents the holiday offering brought in the days of the Holy Temple, and so I’m sure Jesus would love deviled eggs, plus he made chickens, so obviously their eggs are good). Monkey bread is good too! I think we should plan one, if people are game.


  9. EJ always follow your heart and spirit wish you the very best on the path ahead where ever it may lead you! Remember we all love you for you and that will always be inside us! Your friends from afar across the big pond! 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 Walk with the wind and sun always on your shoulders and remember it’s impossible to not leave a piece of yourself to those you have touched over the years including me and the breath you leave on the land you walked!

    Armando Manzanero – Somos novios (English version was Perry Como it’s Impossible)

    Dave & Kim

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    1. Thank you Dave, you know I have always appreciated your comments and what a great friend of Good Morning Gloucester you are, and how much you love this place. If you like, check out my new blog, called God’s Morning at and comment there too, if there is something that moves you to comment.


  10. EJ, you were the first GMG contributor I met after discovering the blog and making our annual treks to Glosta. I have always enjoyed your observations, photos, and art. I love that you are a free spirit and follow your heart while at the same time have been care giver to your mom and spent good quality time with her. She is a lovely lady as well. I’m not saying good bye, but hello again as I’ll be following your new blog and look forward to talks in September when we will be neighbors on the Neck. Best wishes in this new phase of life.

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