Plastic Bag/Styrofoam Ban Sails Through Vote In Ipswich

photo John Hintlian from

3 thoughts on “Plastic Bag/Styrofoam Ban Sails Through Vote In Ipswich

  1. We need this. Bad. I walk all the time and it just depresses the hell out of me how much plastic and styrofoam there is already in our environment, carelessly discarded (more often than not) or blown out from recycling containers (why is it always windy on trash day?). was just reading about how scientists at King’s College in London are studying plastic pollution from bags and how it is usually associated with ocean pollution (eaten by fish and shellfish, then eaten by us), but those bags are also breaking down and possibly becoming airborne. Good times. Check it out here:

    It’s a no-brainer. Everyone will make a fuss until the law changes, and then people will just start using reusables. Ireland (and much of the developed world) has been doing a small bag tax for over ten years. A small bag tax goes a long, long way toward curbing plastic pollution. And don’t even get me started on styrofoam. I can’t believe that our local retailers are still selling “disposable” styrofoam coolers. What a disaster. (Climbs off soap box)


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