Update 2010 @WeberGrills Brick Red Performer Restoration Project

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Other than the cracked table I knew this Performer had good bones. She was pretty much scratch free, the bowl was regularly cleaned by the previous owner but she just needed to be scraped down and buffed up.
Before and after pics-

There was a little bit of surface rust on the wire shelf on the bottom .  When I was at the owners house I scratched at it with my fingernail and saw that it came right off so I knew it would clean up nicely.  The broken table surface was a bit of a concern but I knew where I could get one.

Will you look at the inside of that bowl shine after an hour or so with the razor scraper and steel wool?


After cleaning the bowl thoroughly, the lid got some love with some steel wool and soapy water.  Just like new! Before and after-

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Linzee Coolidge, who sponsored the publication of the new book GLOUCESTER: When The Fish Came First, by photographer Nubar Alexanian, presenting a copy to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken. Copies are still available at 58% below the publication price through May 5th at Walker Creek Media.
Linzee & Sefatia


Congratulations and this is fantastic! We’re looking forward to the full length video!

Mike writes, “The full video and song will be released on Friday, April 29th. The entire video was shot in Gloucester, and the music was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered locally as well.”

Alicia Unleashed Episode 24 taped 4/26/2016 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox

2016-04-27 15.29.57

Alicia Unleashed Episode 24 taped 4/26/2016 with B-Side and Hostess Alicia Cox

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Food Fight in Lynn on May 7!

This drama touched nearly all of us, who live in Gloucester.  Now it’s a movie.  Check it out on May 7th at Lynn Auditorium!


Tickets available on line here or by calling the Box Office at 781-599-SHOW or Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.  Or you can go to their box office at 3 City Hall Square in Lynn, MA (Lynn City Hall).

Here’s an article about the film with some good backstory:

We Are All Market Basket
Food Fight: Inside The Battle for Market Basket documentary tells the dramatic story
By Rachel Forrest

For six weeks in the summer of 2014, we watched the result of a modern Greek family drama unfold.  After a long history of conflict and intrigue,  on July 17, 2014, Arthur T. Demoulas, CEO of Market Basket, was ousted from his position by rival and cousin Arthur S. Demoulas, and because this drama is a modern one, we were  in the audience experiencing  not the heated boardroom discussions but the aftermath of that one decision. We watched and read the news stories as thousands of Market Basket workers walked out in protest to demand that their beloved “Artie T.” be reinstated, with the statement “We Are Market Basket.”  Not content to just watch, many of us became part of the protest, and signing petitions, boycotting the stores, honking in encouragement while driving by parking lots filled with strikers.

Food Fight: Inside The Battle for Market Basket, which premiered at the Boston International Film Festival on April 15, is the story of six weeks in the life of the largest non-union walk-out in U.S.History. Filmmaker Jay Childs and his crew were on the ground filming as soon as the story broke and with Producer Melissa Paly and Tom Bennett, Tom Bennett, Producer, Editor and Writer. They tell the saga of the walk-out and aftermath through on the scene footage, in-depth interviews with the key organizers and everyday Market Basket employees, revealing insider-only communiques and interviews with industry experts. The result is a film filled with drama and emotion — hope, anger, fear — but  most of all, it’s a story about the courage of just regular, hard working people and what they sacrificed to save the company that treated them — 25,000 employees — so well.

The film begins with a bit of background into the rise of Market Basket, the old Greek family and offspring that brought the franchise to success from one small store  in Lowell, MA, in 1917. You’ll learn about the beginning of the controversies in 1990, family infighting, lawsuits and court battles, but the bulk of the film is about the people who work there. Told chronologically which both helps keep the story flowing and heighten the real-life dramatic tension, we meet managers who have been with the company all of their working lives, since age 16, for 40 years and more. We hear the stories of truck drivers and bagboys, teenagers and seniors. They tell us why they love “Artie T.”, all he’s done for them and why, as a result, they want to help bring him back.

Thanks to the filmmakers’ dogged dedication to being right there among the organizers during the strike, we’re party to scenes and plot twists missed in some media coverage. We learn about how the strike affects the families, how the cause took precedent over paying the bills. We also meet key organizers, including Steve Paulenka and Tom Trainor, both during the strike and afterward in revealing interviews in which they explain what is is about the company culture that created a staff who would sacrifice this much to get their leader back. We hear them say “The company gives a little more to me than I’ve given them.” “Artie built this place.” “We don’t mind working hard because of who we work for.” “We can be a part of something greater.”

We also learn about the effects our own actions had on the stores. Many of us were a part of the massive customer boycott of the stores and saw the empty shelves on the news but what you might not know is all of the intrigue that went on during that boycott when some workers still in the stores participated in the resistance with slow-downs and civil disobedience tactics as well as  defiant memos to the reigning leadership, all part of an organized grassroots strategy by 6-8 key people who met each day.

The film follows it all through buyout attempts and lay offs to the dramatic conclusion then follows up with interviews that reflect how we all felt when we heard the news on August 27, 2014 that Artie T. had been reinstated. We don’t hear from Arthur S.,  Felicia Thornton or Jim Gooch, the co-CEOs  during the takeover. We don’t hear from Artie T.  until a speech at the end of the film,  but this story isn’t really about them. Food Fight: Inside The Battle for Market Basket takes us out of the boardroom and talk of money and power and into the lives of regular, hard working,  loyal people — the Market Basket employees –who with all the customers who supported the cause, stood up for what was right, what they believed in, and won. This gripping, touching and inspiring documentary tells us how and why they did just that.


mr foxshalin liu 4.29.2016


What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? will be performing with the Rockport High School Madrigal Choir. The Madrigal Choir, led by Patti Pike, will be opening up the evening, and then accompanying What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? on several songs at the end of the night. A percentage of ticket sales will be donated back to the RPS Music Department.

Mr Fox is working on a new album, and will be performing those new songs on the 29th.
It’s also lead singer-songwriter, 3rian King’s birthday! What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? features Nathan Cohen on violin & trumpet, Renee Dupuis on vocals, piano, and melodica, Joe Cardoza on upright bass, Dennis Monagle on drums, and 3rian King on voice, acoustic guitar, & piano. The band’s sound has been described as Tom Waits and Amy Winehouse performing in a secret French cafe.

Tickets range $20-$32 and can be purchased here: http://rockportmusic.org/what-time-mr-fox/

There are student and senior discounts if you call the box office to order tickets at 978 546 7391.
Photos and additional band info can be found here:



The Other Side of the Rainbow

So, I may not describe this very well and some of you may even feel the urge to comment to explain that the moment I am about to share is actually impossible.  And, I won’t be at all surprised, because, until the other day, I would have assumed it was impossible too.

Please do, if you’re in the know, share the science behind this!

The definition of a rainbow from one source is, “an arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere.”

So, the question I have is…. Is it possible to actually go through a rainbow?  Because, this is what happened the other day…

While driving home from Florida, somewhere in Virginia, the rain started to come down heavier than I have ever (EVER) experienced before.  Sadly, at that moment, I happened to be driving.  When I say that there were moments that I could not see a single thing out of my windshield, I swear I am not exaggerating even one little bit!  There were moments that I lost sight of all other cars, the side of the highway, and even the painted lines that divided the lanes of the highway.  It was for sure the most scared I have ever been behind the wheel.

Thankfully, it was relatively short lived.  The torrential rains lasted only a couple of minutes…two different times.  When the second downpour came to an end, cars were pulled over in random spots all along the highway.  Some cars had pulled into the breakdown lane and stopped, some had pulled off into the grassy median between north and south bound traffic, and some had pulled over just before exit/on ramps.  I consider it an absolute miracle that no accidents occurred within our immediate vicinity, but I am certain that they must have happened elsewhere.  How could they not?

So, again, when the rain had come to an end, there was, of course, a pretty spectacular rainbow.  At first, it was off to our right, but the tree line was blocking it enough that getting a good photo was impossible.  After a moment, however, it was right smack in front of us.  I asked my husband to quickly get a photo, but, I swear, no sooner than he held the phone up, the rainbow was gone.  It appeared as if we actually drove right through the rainbow.  It was there……and then, right before my eyes, it was gone.  I wish I had had the where with all to turn around and see if it was actually behind us, but I didn’t.  So…did we actually drive through it?   Did it just disappear coincidently at that very moment?  I guess I always thought that, much like the horizon, you could never actually get to a rainbow….that it was always kind of just out there…in the sky.

So, I welcome all explanations….but, be kind.


The New Project-2010 Brick Red Weber Performer With Gas Assist

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2016-04-26 14.27.29

She’s got a cracked table which I’ll have to replace, a little dusty and just a tiny bit of surface rust that I’m confident will come off with some elbow grease, thanks to Weber Kettle Club Forum Member @TheDude ‘s suggestion of using CLR to knock off that surface rust.  I drove an hour and a half away to Rescue her.

The bowl, lid and grates are in excellent shape and with a little elbow grease they’ll shine up nicely.  The ash sweeps turn freely and the ash pan is free of pitting.

2016-04-26 14.27.36

There’s really not a ton to do other than clean her up and replace the table.  This is a $450 grill brand new.  With a couple hours of work I can’t wait to shine her up!

2016-04-26 14.27.462016-04-26 14.31.172016-04-26 17.03.34-12016-04-26 17.03.56

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What’s the deal with Hot Stone Massage?

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Cape Ann Wellness

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Saltwater Massage Studio is now offering

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

When we decided to offer Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage at Saltwater Massage Studio, I knew that I wanted this service to be special. To be GREAT. Magical.  The kind of massage you remember and tell your friends about. And I think we’ve done that.

We are in the business of making people feel better, in body and mind. So in keeping with that theme, our Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage putsour own therapeutic spin on things.

You’ve probably seen ads where a bunch of black stones are laid out over a woman’s body, or maybe you’ve had a treatment like this somewhere. I have, and to tell you the truth, I sort of felt like I was just waiting for the massage to start the whole time. And by the…

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