Dear Friends,

I am super excited to write that today I am launching the trailer for my monarch butterfly documentary, Beauty on the Wing: Life Story of the Monarch Butterfly. I hope so much you enjoy watching as much as I have loved creating!

I am asking a huge favor of all my Good Morning Gloucester, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and that is to please share the trailer, hit all like buttons, and if you have time, to please comment.

In seeking funding to finish the film, I am currently in the process of writing grant proposals. Recently, I was invited to join the Filmmakers Collaborative, which is a tremendous and well-respected organization that is providing excellent advice and will also act as the fiscal sponsor for the film. Each filmmaker represented by the Filmmakers Collaborative has a project page on the FC website and I invite you to visit mine here: Filmmakers Collaborative.

The next stages in finishing the documentary are title design, audio mixing, and color correcting. I’ll keep you posted on progress made through GMG, the film’s website, and my website.

Look for Pilar, Meadow, and Atticus in the trailer. They were wonderful and I am so appreciative of their assistance. There were additional kids from our East Gloucester troupe that participated in making the film however, I couldn’t squeeze them all in the trailer. I think you’ll love all the children’s parts in the finished film!

For more information about the documentary, please visit the film’s website here: Beauty on the Wing

My most sincerest thanks to everyone for your kind support!

1998 Stainless Steel Craigslist Performer Find Pre-Restore

More from Joey’s BBQ site-

Northeast BBQ

This green SS Performer find is in great shape except for the ash pan assembly.  Everything else I believe can be buffed up to look like new.  I bought it with the intention that if my buddies Craig Kimberley or James Eves didn’t want it I was going to keep it for myself.  But I could not, in good conscious let it sit there and sell to someone who would not appreciate it.  I was secretly hoping neither of them really wanted it so I could keep it for myself but James jumped at the chance and he will be doing the restore.  He promises to send in pics of the project.

The Bowl and lid were in excellent shape. The stainless will clean up beautifully with a  little bartenders keeper.  The frame solid.

2016-04-19 10.09.182016-04-19 10.15.522016-04-19 10.15.38

I would replace the bolts with stainless but I’m not sure it’s necessary.  The only bad…

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Harbortown Cultural District Update from Rebecca Borden

unnamed!NEW! Harbortown Arts Market at I4-C2 (65 Rogers Street)

We have some exciting news!

As part of the Harbortown Arts Festival over Memorial Day Weekend, we are including a new open air Harbortown Arts Market at I4-C2 on Saturday, May 28 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
We are working with the Mill Gypsies, who have been very successful in organizing arts markets around New England. And we’re working on getting a couple of Boston food trucks there too.
If you are interested in signing up to be a vendor, here are the details:
  • This event is being curated by Mill Gypsies. Not everyone who enters will be selected. Cape Ann artisans are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • If accepted, there is a $60 registration fee.
  • Rain or shine. One day only. (We’re hoping to host another Harbortown Arts Market in October).
  • Vendors must bring their own table. Vendor tents 10×10 are strongly encouraged. Tents need to have 40# weights on each leg.
  • Deadline for applying is May 6.


Special “thank you” goes out to Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken for allowing us to use I4-C2 and Rusty Kinnunen for designing our new Harbortown Arts Market logo!
We’ll be getting out a press release soon. We just wanted to make sure members of our creative community are aware of and can take advantage of this exciting new event!
Please share this announcement with your contacts.

Mobile phones! Gaming! Social Media! Oh, my Screenagers

I admit it. I watched the trailer for Screenagers when it came my way. I sent it to Joey back in February as a maybe post. Leaving aside the merits of the title (Gesundheit!) I was curious about the audience factor.

From their press release: “Get more insight into one of the biggest and unexplored issues of our time…Physician (Stanford trained we are told) and filmmaker, Delaney Ruston decided to make SCREENAGERS when she found herself constantly struggling with her two kids about screen time.”

It’s not in theaters. Communities pay to book the documentary for school, public library, church, synagogue, company, and community center; it can be a fundraiser as well. I thought it might be a good fit for the middle school. A future streaming option could work.

In 1998, I saw Kathleen Chalfant in the play WIT. Multiple times. In this play, we witness a university professor as she lay dying. When the curtain dropped, the audience stayed. Eventually the theater planned facilitated discussions with the cast and audience. I don’t recall them. I kept returning and learning because whoever I went with had a wildly different take. Four stood out: my mother (background in psychology), a friend (a young medical director of a busy NYC hospital), another friend (an older artist), and another friend (social worker).

I think the audience component for this documentary might be like that.

Cue GMG poll- If you were going, who’d you see it with?

There’s a local booking. Good Morning Gloucester’s Cape Ann Community bulletin announced an upcoming show of Screenagers on May 2nd at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in Beverly.


Bounce Back…for Apres Mini Bar.

I had a great little getaway to Vegas back in December.  While the pretty sweet minibars were hit rather hard, I was happy to not once feel the need to tear into the Bounce Back Hangover Recovery Kit.  Nice touch.  How thoughtful of them.

With a detox drink, earplugs, “clear eyes” eye drops, cool mint breath strips, and eye renewal cream…I’m still left to wonder if it would have worked had I not done such a stellar job of pacing myself each day/night.


Margi Green Interviews Richard Leonard About The Show To Benefit City Hall This Weekend

Video interview with Richard Leonard interviewed by the fabulous Margi Green with Jan Bell producing and other members of her family (husband John on camera, son Rob in the editing suite) as support-

Bananas fashion show

A benefit Bananas Fashion Show to get the hot air out of City Hall.

Richard Leonard, the owner of the iconic Main Street vintage clothing store, Bananas, is staging one of his rare fashion extravaganzas on Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24. The production will benefit the Gloucester City Hall restoration fund with the proceeds being used to restore the auditorium’s ventilation system. As Maggie Rosa, Chair of the City Hall Restoration Commission says with a smile, “we are aiming to get the hot air out of City Hall!”

This show, Leonard’s third held to benefit City Hall restoration, will include his Bananarettes, a group of both women and men, some of whom travel from New York City to participate.

The creative black tie Saturday gala starts at 7:00 p.m. and will include live & silent auctions, champagne & dessert – tickets are $75 each. On Sunday the doors open at 2:30 p.m. and the show will include a pick-a-prize auction and light refreshments – tickets are $35 each for adults and $15 for people 18 years and under.

“This being Gloucester, you can dress however you want to, but it’s a lot of fun to wear something different. If you have nothing to wear, go to Bananas and you will find something” says Jan Bell, Co-chair of the event.

Tickets are on sale at Bananas (78 Main St., Gloucester,) Alexandra’s Bread (265 Main St., Gloucester,) and online at Eventbrite. For more information, please contact

Renew Your Vitality…Reset + Thrive

More Cape Ann Health, Fitness and Wellness News-

Cape Ann Wellness


An Ayurvedic cleanse focuses on resetting the digestive fire, allowing it to rest and strengthen. The detoxifying nature also supports the body’s own natural mechanisms to remove built up toxins from the body.

Ayurveda Wellness Healing’s
Ayurvedic 7 -Day Guided Spring Cleanse

Spring Cleanse Date: April 25 – May 1
(if dates are not convient we can work around your schedule)

Kick-off conference call – Monday, April 18 @ 8pm
Dial-in Number: (605) 562-0020
Meeting ID: 825-603-206
Kick-off in person meeting – April 20 @ 7pm
Meeting location: 25 Lexington Ave., 2nd Flr., Magnolia, MA 01930

Kapha Digest
Kapha Massage Oil
Naysa Oil
Kitchari (equals 6 meals)
Detox Tea
Shopping List
Daily email support

Cost: $108

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health”

RSVP: or


Healing blessings in health…
Kim, Lynn and Wyndee

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More Cape Ann Community News-

Cape Ann Community

Hello All Dory Rowers


We will be prepping the race boats and one practice boat to be painted.  We will need help sanding and scraping the boats.  We will meet at Cape Ann Storage on Eastern avenue on April 23rd at 8:00 AM.  We will have all the needed supplies for this.  If anyone has sanders or scrappers feel free to bring them.  I will also be sending out another email to the whole dory membership.  The more the merrier so please invite all to attend.  If you have any questions fee free to contact me at  Thank you

International Dory Race Committee

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