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Gloucester Downtown Catch Up…Sharing 12 Items

Gloucester Downtown
Catch Up…Sharing 12 Items.

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Gloucester Downtown Catch Up…Sharing 12 Items

Hello my fellow business partners…
Your Gloucester Downtown Association has been busy putting together promotions for the 2015 Christmas Season.  I want to share with you 12 items you need to know to have a successful season.  So let us start.

  1. November 21 – The $1500 Shopping Spree is in effect.  Make sure you give your customers a coupon with purchase.  The Drawing will be on December 20.
  2. November 27Black Friday, participating stores are asked to open early and and have some Wicked Good Specials.
  3. November 28Small Business Saturday…shop local!
  4. November 29 – The 34th annual Christmas Parade kicks off at 3 pm and will march though Main Street to the tree lighting ceremony at Kent Circle.
  5. December 3 – 5 to 10 pm is the 42nd Ladies Night.  Main Street business will be offering refreshments, special discounts and a whole lot of fun. 
  6. December 10 – 5 – 10 pm 2nd Annual Employee Night
  7. December 12Middle Street Walk
  8. Letters to Santa – We are looking for a few key locations to distribute blank letters to Santa  which will be given to Santa by children on December 12 and a winner will be chosen for a $100 gift certificate to Toodeloos.  Let me know if you want to help distribute Santa’s Letters. 
  9. December 12 – 12-5 pm Friends and Family Night December 12 – Santa will be at the La Tractoria Restaurant Function Hall from 12-4 pm.  Santa will be there to meet children, give out a treats and be available to take photos.  Thank you Jane Fonzo for letting our Santa use the building for the afternoon.
  10. December 1740th Men’s Night
  11. December 20Shopping Spree Drawing
  12. Downtown is now done up for Christmas, thank you to the City of Gloucester for making the decorations possible through the Downtown Development Commission.  Good job making the city festive for the Holidays.  Thank you also to Ringo Tarr and family for making the Kent Circle Christmas tree a realty.  A hearty salute to Art Haven for putting together the downtown Lobster trap Tree .

So here you have it, plenty events going on, we are ready to start our selling season.

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