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Home Energy Series Update- Electricity Rate Savings Research


So last winter after checking different electricity providers I shared what I signed my mom up with for locked in 6 months rates.

Now that her contract is up a different company has the cheapest electricity rates. If you don’t lock in you are at the mercy of National Grid and their winter price spikes.

GMG FOB also did some research and he locked in at 10.4 cents per kWh (but a better price is being offered right now by Direct Energy)

Here’s what Marc wrote-

Hey Joey – thought this might interest you…
I just recently re-upped with ThinkEnergy for 12 months @ 10.4 cents/kWh.

Attached is a pdf showing supply rates for Nat Grid – past and present.
Looks like ThinkEnergy is still a steal through April, 2016. Below are the 4 recently rate histories. Following that trend, it seems that at worst 10.4 will probably break even after April 2016, but can still cancel at any time. Thanks again for tips via GMG.

Recent Rate History:

11/1/15 to 4/30/16: 13.038 cents/kWh

5/1/15 to 10/31/15: 9.257 cents/kWh

11/14 to 4/30/15: 16.274 cents/kWh

5/1/14 to 10/31/14: 8.277 cent/kWh



So if you don’t lock in at the 10.15 cents per kWh with Direct Energy and then you can look forward to the variable pricing highlighted in the chart above which is way higher (andf way higher in teh months that you use the bulk of your electricity).

There is no penalty for signing up and all you have to do is click on the link and sign up with the cheapest option out there currently- Direct Energy at 10.15 cents per kWh and here’s the kicker- Direct energy not only has the cheapest price I could find out there for locked in 12 months, but they also will give you a $50 bill credit for signing up and give one to the person that refers you.

An absolute no-brainer. If you locked in last year- you saved a ton and as you talk to anyone else that took advantage it was completely painless to do so.

Here are the current rates from different energy suppliers-



If you sign up with Direct Energy using this link you’ll get the cheapest rate currently available and a $50 bill credit to boot.

The referral ID is – RAF-11332844

Copy this link and email it to your friends –

direct energy refer a friend

It’s so easy!

  1. Copy the Refer A Friend link below.
  2. Paste the link into an e-mail, Facebook post, Twitter, etc., and send it to your friends.
  3. Instruct your friends to include your Referral ID in the Referral ID box when signing up for Direct Energy online or provide your Referral ID to the call center agent when ordering over the phone.
  4. You get a $50 bill credit for each friend who becomes a Direct Energy customer.
  5. Your friends will also receive a $50 bill credit because you referred them.

Would you rather offload a trailer of herring at 2:30AM and Get out of work at 7PM..

Or go to work at 4:30am and offload a trailer of herring at 8pm and get out at 9:30pm?
Party time…

First barrels smashed off the truck
Five pallets off seventeen to go
Half way home
10:30PM Done

Thanksgiving Break Pop-Up Sale & Exhibit to support young, local artists At The HIVE

Thanksgiving Break Pop-Up Sale & Exhibit to support young, local artists

For More Info Click Here

Hi Joey

ONE NIGHT ONLY: mark your calendars, November 28th is just 11 days away. Here is the latest roster poster for the 1st Thanksgiving Break POP UP fair at the HIVE, Gloucester’s amazing downtown arts center.  Can’t wait to see what these young local artists do!

Love the local all that day. Saturday, November 28th, is ‘Small Business Saturday’ – marketing, yes, but as opposed to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not? Support our businesses. SHOP SMALL downtown, stop by the Hive to see and shop more from 4-8, and then head out to eat or restaurant hop.  


micah o'connor

nicole dahlmer

Alexis chipperini

david fanning

Avery McNiff

Jon Cooney

betsey janus

mary sullivan

james curcuru

Sam Orlando

jason burroughs

Kate Bresnahan

Allessia Lograsso

Tyler Devlin

Leon Doucette

Jennifer Ziller

Jennifer Ziller

The Hive is hosting Gloucester’s Young Artist Pop-Up Show on November 28th. Check out the artist directory below.

Young Artist Directory

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@simonebodmerturner glazing her footed planters for the kiln. #ceramics #gloucesterma

@simonebodmerturner glazing her footed planters for the kiln. #ceramics #gloucesterma

Cathy Kelley getting ready to teach her sketchbook and drawing class. #creativity #gloucesterma #artclass

So excited to be making self boxes! #creativity #highschoolart #reflectiontime

Tuesday watercolor class starts tonight! Join us next week 6-8pm


Imagine the excitement when after filming Mr. Swan this morning, I spotted across the pond a very swan-like large white bird. The first thought that came to mind was a new Mrs. Swan had magically appeared on the scene. But no–not as wonderful–but equally as exciting, with its large orange pouched bill, the bird was unmistakably a pelican!

It was swimming toward the berm so I raced back to the other side of the pond and was able to get somewhat nearer, close enough so that the footage is passable. Without warning, the pelican suddenly took to the air with elegant, graceful wingbeats and I was lucky to have movie camera in hand. The light was murky this morning and all would have been more beautiful if the sun were out a bit more. Nonetheless, it’s great to have a record of this very unusual occurrence.

The American White Pelican is a rare sight in Massachusetts and I wonder if any of our readers have ever seen one on our shores. Please write if you have. 

With wings spanning nine feet, the American White Pelican is one of our largest native birds, only the Trumpeter Swan and California Condor are larger, reportedly having up to ten-foot wingspans. Comparatively, the wings of a Mute Swan span approximately seven to eight feet. Please note that Mr. Swan is a Mute Swan, not a Trumpeter Swan, and is not indigenous.

The Niles Pond pelican was far off course. Pelicans east of the Rocky Mountains typically migrate through the Mississippi Valley, from breeding grounds in northernmost North America to the Gulf of Mexico Texas and Florida coasts. Unlike Brown Pelicans, which dive and plunge for food, white pelicans catch prey while swimming.

As with the Brown Pelican, during the mid-twentieth century, the American White Pelican was severely adversely affected by spraying DDT in fields and wetlands. Habitat destruction, shoreline erosion, and mass poisonings when pesticides are used near breeding grounds continue to threaten the American White Pelican.

White pelican Massachusetts gloucester ©Kim Smith 11-16-15Far off course, a white pelican migrates through Gloucester

american_white_pelican_map_bigMap provided by South Dakota Birds, via Peter Houlihan, who is Anna from Cape Ann Giclee’s brother. Peter teaches biology at UMass Amherst, has a PhD in biology/animal behavior, and is an ornithologist. Thank you Peter!

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