This afternoon while picking up another batch of 99 cent per pound apples at Russell Orchards, I met a super nice gentleman Dave who was hand pressing apples and giving samples of the freshly pressed cider. He was so friendly I just had to ask a question that has long been on my mind, which is, why is Russell Orchards apple cider so far off the charts superior to any other cider anywhere else. Cider everywhere else seems devoid of character and is just too sickening sweet for my taste. Dave shared that no matter what apples are available they make a very conscious effort, by choosing from a variety of apples, to achieve the perfect blend of sweet and tart and that’s why Russell orchards has that wonderful complexity of flavors.

During the conversation I mentioned that when Russell Orchards closes, we don’t even bother to purchase cider again until the following fall. Dave recommends freezing and offered a simple fool proof technique. Open the jug and poor off about 3/4 of a cup. Removing just that amount allows the cider to expand without bursting the container. It’s that simple. This year we’ll be serving cider at Christmastime, too. Thanks so much Dave for the tip!

Brenda Malloy’s appeal for Blankets for Earthquake Victims in Nepal

nepal_brenda malloy appeal

I am currently in Kathmandu, Nepal, scene of a devastating series of over 100 earthquakes which began on  April  25th, this year.  This Himalayan nation, around the size of Tennessee, wedged between Tibet and India, is home of many of the worlds tallest mountains and is one of the world’s poorest countries.  The economy has been crippled, over 9000 people were killed and there is much suffering in the villages worst hit by this event.  As winter approaches and temperatures fall to freezing, hundreds of thousands of people are in need of warmth as they survive in temporary and often minimal  housing.

On my second day here I found an English man who is doing various social programs for villages here, and have decided to back him in his efforts to provide blankets for families.  I have checked him out, he is legit and all of the funds I raise will go 100% to blankets, no administrative costs.  Many people have lost everything, all their possessions as well as homes.  The blankets will allow for comfort and warmth during the fast approaching Himalayan winter.

If you would like to donate, please send checks payable to Carol Seeckts, 10 Laurel Ct, Acton, MA 01720.  She will deposit the money into my account and I will then access it here in Nepal.  I ask that if you are sending a donation (ANY amount is welcome!) PLEASE send me an email at BrendaMalloy@hotmail.com so that I know the funds are coming.   I leave on November 20 and will front the money until your check gets deposited.

I am not a non profit, so donations are not tax deductable.  Thank you Joey for making such a platform available and EJ for making this post for me.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and thoughtfulness.  A little goes a long way in this poor country.


Live from Apple Pie Making at Russell Orchards AND ALL APPLES CONTINUE TO BE ONLY 99 CENTS A POUND!

GMG FOB Emily demonstrates how to make apple pie to Danvers siblings Kyla, Michael, and Ryan. Because of the banner apple crop of 2015, all varieties of apples at Russell Orchards are 99 cents per pound, from now until they close on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Apple Pie-making!


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So ernest!

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Set electrician Alec Roy, from Watertown, reports from Russell Orchards (the current Katie Fforde base camp) that filming will continue on the Northshore at least through Thanksgiving. We talked a bit about the film tax credit and he made a point of thanking everyone who supported, and is continuing to support, the film tax credit. Sending a huge shout out to our Representative Ann Margaret Ferrante for all her tremendous work in preserving the credit and undoubtedly saving thousands of well paying jobs!!!

5 Things You Need to Know about Cape Ann Power Yoga

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Cape Ann Wellness


Every yoga studio is different so you may have tried yoga in the past or have a friend who told you what you can expect when you go take a yoga class, so we’re going to take this opportunity to let you know what you can expect when you make the decision to come and see what all of the excitement and buzz is about at Cape Ann Power Yoga. Here are five things you need to know.

  • No membership needed
  • No advanced sign up required
  • All levels means all levels
  • You will sweat
  • Eat and drink!


No membership is needed to come and take class at the studio. You can walk in and pay $10 for one class, or pay in advance and put 5, 10, or 20 classes on your account. If you find that you really like practicing hot power yoga every day and the way it…

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