Gloucester Mourns The Loss Of The Iconic Italian Pastry Chef & Legend Mike Lentini


mikes pastry 2Mike Lentini

Owner of  Gloucester’s Famous “Mike’s Pastry Shop” passed away, Sunday with his loving Family by his side.


mikes pastry1

Photos from “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia: Harvest”, (purchased from the archives of Cape Ann Museum)

Mike’s Pastry Shop once located on Main Streets West End was “the” gathering place for fisherman and dockworkers during the fishing boom years of  Gloucester’s On & Off Shore Fishing Fleet.  Mike’s Pastry Shop was the go to Italian Bakery for all special occasions and holiday celebrations throughout the year for dozens of Sicilian Families residing throughout our city. Mike and his wife Katie, are best know for confecting the “World’s Best” Cassada and Strawberry Shortcakes” along with endless Italian sweet confections.  All their pastries, cookies and Italian Ice were  made from scratch using nothing but the very best of ingredients!

mikes 3

Trips to Mike’s Pastry shop with my parents and grandparents as a child inspired me as an adult to recreate my favorite pastries, cookies and desserts, once purchased at Mike’s Pastry. One of my most cherished childhood memories of shopping at Mike’s and my “Pasticciotti” recipe, I recreated from nothing but the flavors and textures I remembered as child are highlighted in my cookbook “Gifts’ Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest” For recipe and memory details See pages 86-88 in “Gifts Of Gold”!


The Ciaramitaro family extends their deepest condolences to the Lentini Family.

Visiting hours Wednesday 4-8pm at Greely Funeral Home Gloucester Ma 01930, and Funeral Mass is scheduled for Thursday November 12 th, 11:00 am in St, Ann’s Church, Holy Family Parish 




Three days- three New Podcasts- new HomieCast, Gloucestercast and Alisha Unleashed For Your Commute

Saturday-Sunday-Monday Three new podcasts for you to listen to-


HomieCast 10 Taped 11/7/15 At Casa De Enrico Pallazzo With Chris @CoachDeWolfe, James @Eves3, @CraigShoots Kimberley and Host @Joey_C


GloucesterCast 158 Taped 11/8/15 With Guest Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 10 Taped 11/9/2015 With Special Guests Kyle Danikas, Bridget Ernest and Host Alicia DeWolfe


Daybreak from around Niles Pond, Brace Cove, and Henry’s Pond in Rockport.

Niles Pond Sunrise ©Kim Smith 2015

Niles Pond 

Brace Cove Rock Sunrise Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015Brace Rock Daybreak

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Good morning from Brace's Rock!

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Brace Cove Sunrise ©Kim Smith 2015

Brace Cove

Mr. Swan ©Kim Smith 2015Mr. Swan Morning Preening

Mr. Swan left Niles Pond yesterday morning and although he flew in his usual direction towards Henry’s Pond, he did NOT fly to Henry’s, which had become his habit. I did not see him at Henry’s, Niles, or the harbor this morning either. Perhaps he has flown to another region in search of a new Mrs. Swan. We can only hope!

See additional photos here of Mr. Swan, dead skunk, and more ~ Continue reading “SUNRISE SCENES FROM EASTERN POINT AND HENRY’S POND WITH MR. SWAN UPDATE”

Mom & GMG Fans Meet The Beautiful Giada De Laurentiis #GiadaHappyCooking

Mom  Pat Ciaramitaro Writes~What a thrill to meet Giada last night at the Music Theater and have a photo taken with her and receive an autographed copy of her new book. She was so down to earth, beautiful, and one of the kindest people I have ever met.

GMG Fan Karen Sarofeen Writes~ it could have been longer …she was late getting there and it ended right at nine. She talked about her show and book then it was open to question and she was very funny ! I enjoyed it and being with my kids😍

Rob Sarofeen Star Struck  by Giada’s Beauty!


I Don’t Even Think Super Nanny or Mary Poppins Are Up For This Challenge

I spent a minute poking around a couple of weeks ago thinking that maybe, once soccer ended and we were down to one afternoon/weekend sport for each child, I’d look into getting a second job a few evenings a week.  It seemed incredibly daunting to think of actually working MORE and being home LESS, but I thought maybe something perfect is out there and there was no harm in looking.

After just a couple of minutes, I found this.

Private Family – ___________MA
$25 an hour

(Hmmm….sounds, interesting, right?)

This private family is an equal opportunity employer. Employment is focused on supporting and helping the family manage a myriad of activities among all family members.

(I can do that! I already do that!)
Key characteristics for employment with the family are flexibility, discretion, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, anticipatory thinking, strong organizational skills and helpfulness. The family hopes that the working environment will be both challenging and rewarding, particularly as one develops skills and builds upon experiences for long-term career goals.

(OK. I’m with you….sounds realistic!)
The position of Household Assistant directly reports to the Estate Manager. It is a full-time, hourly position. Daily work hours and specific responsibilities may vary day to day so it is important that the Household Assistant has flexibly in their schedule. Longer hours might be required from time to time as well occasional overnights and some weekends.

(Ummm, sounds a bit more time consuming than what I have available, but maybe I’ll read on for kicks)
Job Objectives and Responsibilities
The Household Assistant will be expected to provide exceptional care for the family, children and household pets as well as manage various aspects of the home.
(Yikes…I’m not sure I even do that for my own family)
Family Management

  • Responsible for all aspects of family activities, by facilitating activities outside of the home, and creating a positive environment
  • Preparation for daily activities and events
  • Coordinate the calendar forchildren schools, appointments, and activities
  • Work closely with family and Estate Manager on weekly and monthly calendar with a specific focus on the resources and time to accomplish the kids and the family goals
  • Support around travel planning and packing organization
  • Support the family around major events, holidays, and activities
  • Grocery shopping, including the finalization of a meal calendar in consultation with family, and preparation for some children’s meals
  • Manage household inventories and provide support to the Estate Manager to ensure that supplies are up to date
  • Perform daily errands including dry cleaning, returns, meeting with vendors, and miscellaneous activities
  • Assist in the care of pets, including both cats and dogs
  • Provide support to the Estate Manager in the oversight of the primary home, as well as three vacation properties
  • Help coordinate dinners and events with family and friends at the home from catering and decorations to invitations and clean up
  • Monitor and report on all household correspondence in the form of mail and voicemail

(Wait….What????   Is that even humanly possible??)

The Household Assistant must be willing to accomplish a multitude of tasks throughout the day. An ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment is critical. Strong communication skills, prioritization, and organization are critical to job performance.
We would be excited to find someone who has culinary skills and enjoys the process of meal planning, preparation, and occasional cooking; service experience is a plus. This is a great job for someone with past Nanny experience or other household service experience, and wants to move to the next level. One must also be willing to develop constructive working relationships and to collaborate with other members of staff. The ideal person will always remain discreet and cooperative in the accomplishment of job responsibilities.

(and…..I’m out.)

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $25.00 /hour

Local candidates only

Required experience:

  • Private Service: 2 years
  • (26 hands to juggle with.  And…no life of your own.)

Required license or certification:

  • Drivers License
  • (Sainthood.  Or at least a  Master’s in Cloning)

I have to admit, while totally overwhelmed by the job description, I was also a bit sad.  I thought, What a phenomenal job opportunity for some spunky 25 year-old go getter!

But then I thought… Is that really a job for ONE person?  I mean really.  Who can actually do all of that?

And then, forgive me please, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my next thought was… And what’s left for the parents to do?  

And then I felt bad because I thought…Well, maybe there’s only one parent and they are extremely busy working to provide (the main estate and 3 vacation homes) for the children.  Or maybe they are volunteering like crazy for a multitude of charitable organizations!

And then, one of my last thoughts was….If I was ever sooo wealthy that I could afford four homes, an estate manager, to throw (seemingly) lavish and catered events, (seemingly) significant holiday decorating, enough travel to require assistance in packing, vendors (?) that need to be met with, a chef, a nanny, and more…..  Couldn’t I also simply afford to work less so that I wouldn’t have to post such a GIANT job description for someone else to do in my home?  

And, then I caught sight of all the dust bunnies taunting me from all corners of the living room, knowing they are safe and sound for at least 5 more days until I might have time to grab the vacuum, and I thought….sigh…maybe I would. 

I’m honestly not judging…just wondering.

Props To MFing Nordstrom!


Damn straight skippy.  I LOOOOOVE THIS!!!!

I’m all in on shopping Nordstrom after I get what I’m getting locally for Christmas presents!

Nordstrom holiday sign getting attention

Retailer Nordstrom is getting a lot of attention for a sign posted to let shoppers know about its holiday plans.

The sign taken by a Facebook user at an unknown location and posted on the social media site has been shared again and again.  It reads “at Nordstrom…we won’t be decking our halls until Friday, November 27.  Why? Well, we just like the idea of celebrating one holiday at a time. “

Nordstrom announced it will be closed on Thanksgiving.  They’ll reopen on Black Friday with a holiday display.

Alicia Unleashed Episode 10-Periscoping

aliciaunleashed-1-picsay (1)

Alicia Unleashed Episode 10 Taped 11/9/2015 With Special Guests KD, B-Side and Host Alicia

Topics Include

Demi Lovato: Confident, Periscope at undisclosed location, Introduction to Periscope, Homiecast + Periscope never happened, Periscope went Viral, Periscope and hearts, 10th podcast!, Poppin bottles, Homiecast talking trash, Alicia gets sad, Squirrels, Homiecast podcast 10, Vagina talk set straight, Homiecast rant, Alicia lost her glasses, Songs of the week, Adele: Hello, Justin Bieber: Cover of Drake, Katrina’s Salmon and Caesar salad, Kyle don’t talk to strangers, Kyle doesn’t like to be touched, Bridget and Meme rant, Squirrel Meme rant continues, Squirrel, Swearing for puppies, Patriot 8-0, Edelman,  Garoppolo blood disorder please, Bridget follow deflate gate, Haterade, Parking assholery, Kyle’s issue with cyclist, Alicia has best text message, Squirrel, Alicia has a face for radio, Grocery manners, Personal space, Nicknames, Squirrel, Porta- Potty Peeper, Best and worst drunk moments, Alicia wants a snuggie, Listeners attention span, Teletubbie’s, Alicia loses it, We love Kyle’s mom, Puke and Rally, Keep going Alicia’s on a pee break, Who is Billy Bob, Counting Hearts, Nat King Cole: Smile


Community Stuff 11/10/15

Rockport PTO 2015 Holiday Fair
pto holiday fair logo only, color


Crafters and Artists

Gingerbread House Kits

Surprise Jars

Enchanted Gift Shop

Children’s Games & Face Painting

Baked Goods

Coffee and Lunch

Rockport High School

Saturday, November 14th

9:30 to 2 PM

Cape Ann World War 2 Veteran’s Celebration

Hi Joey, Cape Ann World War 2 Veterans Reception and exhibition of photographs by Jason Grow

at the Kyrouz Auditorium, City Hall on Saturday, November 7, 2015 was an amazing event.

Bob and I keep remembering how his Mother’s Prayers have been answered time and time again,

as we celebrate our 62nd Wedding Anniversary on Thanksgiving Day at 91 and 86 years young. 

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans and “Thank You for Your Service”

Bring Copies of Pictures of Deceased Veteran’s to City Hall open tomorrow from 12-4 for Memory Wall.
Special Public Viewing.

WW2 Exibiy City Veteran's 2015