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Don’t be sleepin on the drumsticks…

At Stop and Shop East Gloucester they were cleaning out the meat cases. I normally wouldn’t even consider buying big ass chicken drumsticks for the grill but there wasn’t a whole lot of other options because all the steaks and pork were stashed away.

So I purchased chicken drumsticks, rubbed them up with the Paul Prudhomme (RIP) rub that I use for just about everything, and set up the grill with all the coals on one side. Closed top and bottom vent half way and tossed some brussel sprouts on the new cast iron pan Kim Smith got me for my birthday after I coated the brussel sprouts with EVOO, Atlantic Saltworks Sea Salt and Crushed Black Pepper.

Put the rubbed drumsticks on the opposite side of the grill as the coals, put the cast iron pan with the EVOO coated brussel sprouts over the coals and a russet potato covered with EVOO and Atlantic Saltworks flake salt on a piece of tin foil over the coals.

After a half hour the brussel sprouts were caramelized to crispy goodness (my favorite vegetable).  I put the lid back on and let the chicken cook at about 300 degrees opposite the coals with the vents half way choked down for an hour.  the skin of the chicken when I lifted off the cover was nice and crispy.  I mopped the drumsticks with some Carolina gold BBQ sauce all over and put them over the coals for a few minutes on each side to get the sugars in the sauce to liquefy and caramelize.

Let me tell you, my reluctance to buy drumsticks was completely unfounded. 

The chicken was so tasty it was like eating candy.  you know that feeling when you bite into something and you go ohhh my gawdddd.  it was just like that!



100% added to my list of things to grill. 

Ohhh My Gawdddd!

Live Art Opening! Sarah Wonson @ Passports

Enjoying some food and bev while admiring the fantastic new work by Sarah Wonson. Come on down tonight, or anytime soon to Passports and peep it folks! 

The scene

The food, it’s on the house! Mmmm Eric’s crab cakes!

Thistle. Monotype

1 Pine & White-Ellery Windows. Giant Wood Block prints.

Dandy. Framed Monotype


Scenes from around Niles Pond and Brace Cove OctoberCattails in the wind ©Kim Smith ©2015

Cattails in the windPainted Turtle Niles Pond ©Kim Smith 2015Painted Turtle

Brace Cove ©Kim Smith 2015

Gulls departing Brace Cove after the storm

Great Blue heron Gull Seals Brace cove ©Kim Smith 2015

Great Blue Heron, seals, and gull


See More Photos Here


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Tune into into Cape Ann TV to see who will be your next Mayor, City Councilors and School Conmmittee Members. We are going Live with Gloucester Election Coverage from City Hall at 8pm. Meredith Fine is hosting the program and will talk to the candidates, while Heidi Dallin will giving you the latest results as they come in from the polls.


Sista Felicia’s #RoadTripSouth Shopping Live From Le Creuset #1 Outlet Store In Yemassee SC 

              Yes …This Just Happened! 


St. Barry pulled off the highway when he spotted this sign along Interstate 95! Who knew the main USA Distribution Center was located in Yemassee SC! This just made my Day!


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