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amnoonpmfinalCape Ann Power Yoga – 6:15AM          Wall Street – 1:45pm                   Lanesville – 7:15pm

Power Yoga works, and it works best when you do it a lot. David and Elizabeth DeAngelis have seen lives transformed from this practice and know that it works for everyone who is willing to unroll their mat.

Cape Ann Power Yoga is rolling out a new incentive program – Early Riser Rewards. We’ll make this winter your best yet! From Fall Back to Spring Ahead your dedication will earn you even more opportunity.

Take three early morning classes in a week and earn a free class! 

The incentive runs from November 2 to March 13 and the week is counted from Monday to Sunday. Our EXCELLENT team is at the studio seven early mornings a week, ready to support your growth.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 5:30-6:30 with Johnna Huntsman

Tuesday and Thursday – 6:00-7:00 with Kim Lorden

Saturday and Sunday – 7:00-8:30…

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