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Eric Lorden, I am begging you, please add the Oysters Rockefeller to your regular menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oysters Rockerfeller Passports Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2015

Thursday night we attended Passports Sparkling Wine Dinner and it was out of this world delish. We Loved everything–the sparkling wine selections, especially the creamy Blanc de Blanc Brut Dargent from France–and each and everyone one of the dishes was fantastic. But if I had to choose a favorite of the favorites, I must say that Eric’s Oysters Rockefeller is sublime. Perhaps he’ll share his recipe–I am going to get right on that!

Oysters Rockefeller was created in 1899 by Jules Alcitore at the world renowned New Orleans restaurant Antoine’s. At that time there was a shortage of snails coming into America from Europe. Jules was looking for a substitute and he wanted the replacement to be local to avoid future problems in procuring the product.

My copy of Antoine’s cookbook does not include the recipe; to this day, it is still top secret.

Passports Restaurant ©Kim Smith 2015

The sesame encrusted diver scallops with jasmine rice was definitely an entree I’m inspired to try making at home.

If You’re One of the Few People NOT at the Bluefin Blowout, This is What You’re Missing

Yummy beer, fancy cars, fantastic music, a phenomenal view, awesome people, the Bruins’ Bob Sweeney, the Mayor….and, well, me.  Just saying. Be forewarned that the beer vendors are packing up…but, the bar is still open for service.

Rumor has it, and it is still unconfirmed, that there may also be a fish coming in……

Blackburn Challenge 2015

Rick and I went out kayaking to watch the Blackburn Challenge from Corliss Landing.  The head wind was amazing and wish the rowers all the best.

Incredibly Observant FOB, Sandy!


fish in foregroundSandy commented on my post yesterday asking if I had seen the big fish in the foreground of the first photo.  I hadn’t seen it and thought she was just imagining a fish until I blew up the photo and adjusted the exposure.  Indeed there is a big fish in the foreground of the photo.  It is a metal sculpture at the water’s edge in Kim and Linda’s yard where I was photographing, but I hadn’t noticed it because I was so focused on the incredible light on the boats in the distance.  Amazing observation Sandy!

E.J. Lefavour

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