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Get Fishing: Bluefin Blowout Tournament Founders and Bruins’ Bob Sweeney

With some thanks and encouragement, and a quick discussion of the rules and regulations, tournament founders Drew Hale and Rob Bouley, along with Bob Sweeney, Executive Director of the Boston Bruins Foundation, wish the captains and crew good luck.

Go get em’!


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The 2015 Bluefin Blowout is On!

The 2015 Bluefin Blowout is on!

Live Blogging from the Captain’s Dinner!

Who other than Rene Rancourt to ring in this fantastic tournament!?

Stay tuned to see which boats get on and what their fish weigh in at!

Be sure to come on down and join the fun Friday and Saturday at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort.

See Rene singing “The Star Spangled Banner” a moment ago!


Two pollinator attracting beauties for your garden, bougainvillea and native spiraea, or meadowsweet (Spiraea latifolia). We keep our bougainvillea’s in the basement during the colder months and bring them outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Both swallowtails and Ruby-throated hummingbirds nectar from the blossoms. Our native meadowsweet is a fantastic shrub for creating wildlife habitats. Not only does it attract a bevy of pollinators, it is also a food plant for the beautiful Blue Azure Butterfly caterpillars.

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Bougainvillea for Swallowtails and hummers!

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Bougainvillea and Canadian Tiger Swallowtail

Meadowsweet (Spiraea latifolia)

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