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Something I Haven’t Seen since 1989 At The Dock- A New Shipment of wooden (read Not Wire) Lobster Traps @CaptJoeLobster #GloucesterMA

I’d say once a month someone calls the dock looking for an old used wood lobster trap they can put a piece of glass on and turn into a decorative coffee table.  The answer for as long as I can remember has been “The fishermen haven’t used wooden traps forever.”

Now with this load of wooden lobster traps it’s the first one I‘ve seen in a whole long time.

Bringing it back “Old School” at Captain Joe and Sons Lobster



74.8 pounds. That should be a pleasure to handle all day 🙂



Noah Tuleja (Hamel) and Amanda Collins (Dotty)

An acting tour de force set in an imaginatively envisioned comic strip world. Bravo to actors Amanda Collins, Jennifer Ellis, Richard Snee, and Noah Tuleja!

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night shows remain. For more information visit the fantastically easy to navigate Gloucester Stage Company website here.


Zena (played by Jennifer Ellis) could be my Seaside Heights Jersey girl cousin’s twin sister.

She is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!


Outstanding multi-character performance by Richard Snee

Images courtesy google image search.





Gloucester’s former deputy fire chief, Carl Ekborg, was reluctant for me to acknowledge his good work, but did you ever wonder why off-the-beaten trail beaches such as Brace Cove look so pristine? From one end of the beach to the opposite end, weekly Carl cleans the beach of the garbage that has washed ashore. This mound is only one half of today’s trash collection. THANK YOU CARL!

Beach Garbage ©Kim Smith 2015JPG




A Book Party in Rockport!

BookADayinRockportPlease stop by this Sunday, July 19th and join Mary Faino at her shop in Rockport, The Paper Mermaid, along with me (aka S.D. Kelly) for a party in celebration of our new release: A Day in Rockport.

Mary created beautiful illustrations of iconic places throughout Rockport, and I wrote the text to go along with her work. It was a fun collaboration and we enjoyed the entire process, from choosing the places that would make it into the book — ranging from Millbrook Meadow to Bearskin Neck to the Headlands — to the more technical aspects of book design.

We’ll have locally-made treats at the party, a Scavenger Hunt, and a raffle to win a framed print of one of the illustrations in the book. Celebrate Rockport with us and stop by!


Electricity Series Update: Brian O’Connor Paid $9.73 This Month For Electricity And Cranked His AC All Month Long In First Full Month Of Solar

You may remember as part of my Electricity saving series we were there at the initial meeting between Brian and his solar adviser Kevin Pritchett read about it here

Well now after his install it’s up and running and the results are very rewarding!
Sign up to have your home evaluated for Solar by the same company Brian used  who do all the paperwork and get you all the financial subsidies and incentives.

Watch the video where Brian he has zero reservations recommending anyone doing it.  He says that everyone from the company from his advisor right on down through the installers were spot on and he’s really happy with the work and most importantly the savings.

He used 564 kWh July 2014 and now his first full month with solar installed he used 33 kWh and paid only $9.73

imageimage2015-07-16 15.21.50image

Here’s the progression-

Electricity Update 18 Brian and Diane O’Connor Are Going Solar

Solar Success!!! Brian and Diane O’Connor Had Their Solar Install On East Main Street #GloucesterMA Done On Earth Day and It’s Looking Sweet!

Back In January we were there when Brian’s Solar Advisor Kevin Prickett came by to look at Brian’s house and make recommendations. Here is what he had to say back in January-

Hi Joey, Just a quick follow on Brian and Diane O’Connor’s Solar evaluation. Brian and Diane’s home has qualified and they have decided to put rooftop solar on their home in Gloucester. (Only 15% of homes in MA are eligible.) Because of their home’s orientation to the sun and other factors, their entire cost will be covered by various federal, state and utility incentives. In fact they will actually be making money over and above their cost. And getting 90% of their electricity for free. If anyone else would like to find out if their home qualifies, I just need their contact information and our techs will initially rate the home via satellite. If it qualifies, we can up with a time for us to talk about how it all works. (About 90 mins.) I am in the process of working with several other Gloucester residents and will keep you posted on their progress. Many thanks for your continued support, Kevin Prickett Solar Advisor

As you can see it’s all come to fruition!

If you would like a completely free Solar evaluation to see if your house qualifies for the crazy amount of incentives and as Kevin states potentially 90% of your electricity for free, Fill Out The Form and They Will Contact You To Set It Up-

From just a few months ago in the snow for the evaluation when we took the video, to an Earth Day install, Brian’s gotta be psyched! Looking at the installation it looks like a super clean job.


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