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Dinner @OhanaCapeAnn Was Outrageously Good

2015-07-07 19.24.23

Lemongrass Seared Day Boat Scallops  26
parmigiano gnocchi, grapes, pearl onions & curried macadamia nut

Kate said it was the best meal she’s had in a long while.

Check Out Their Menu Including The Nightly Special Menu Three Course Meal~
Prix Fixe Menu

Community Photos 7/8/15

Michelle Tocco submits-

Hey Joey –
Came across this on Lighthouse Beach this morning. At first I thought maybe a Skate, but it has more of a tail, so maybe some sort of Ray. It was easily about 2 feet wide and 3 feet long.
Any idea what it is?



Len Burgess-

July 3rd Gloucester Fireworks

Taken from the Schooner Ardelle in Gloucester harbor.  -Len

Mom Turkey and her babies /Starknaught Heights from Janet Rice

Hi Joey-I am sending these pictures to you again in the hopes you will post it. Everyone I have told about the two Turkey Moms roosting in my East Gloucester yard every night, protecting their babies under their wings has asked to see it. I had never seen this before-she has six babies-three under each wing! It is fascinating to watch them fly up to the treetops and get “organized” around 7:30 PM each evening.The picture of the other Mom Turkey has the babies facing backwards so I could not count them. They started out with 20 or more between them but have lost a  couple each week. I hope people enjoy seeing this as much as I have! Best-Janet (Rice)

Version 2

Sunset Ipswich Bay – photo from Anthony Marks


Gloucester Lobster Boat the Griffin with Captain Randy and Friends

Griffin Lobster Boat ©Kim Smith 2015Busy days at Captain Joe and Sons, nevertheless Joey and Toby are cooking up a storm at lunchtime. Today Joey made the most deliciously tender roasted split chicken halves with grilled onions and sweet buttered corn and it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Lily and Patty ©Kim Smith 2015While there visiting, friends and East Gloucester neighbors Lily and Patty stopped in to see Captain Randy of the Griffin lobster boat. Love our Neighbors!

Randy, Patty, and Lily ©Kim Smith 2015 copyCaptain Randy, Patty, and Lily

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