The Five Retail Doors of the Cape Ann Tool Company

The Cape Ann Tool Company as of June 19, 2015

It has been decades since the ring of the 100 ton drop forge has been heard at the Cape Ann Tool Company. It took most of 2013 to get the smokestack down. Now it is time to dream about what will go behind the five doors.

My wish list:

1) A restaurant: Northern India plus Seafood. Greg Bover wants it named “The Tan Dory”. Or Mexican Seafood. “The Pigeon Cove Taco”. This will include a bar which does not require ordering a Cove Burger in order to be served a Fisherman’s IPA.

2) Coffee Shop and Bakery: fresh coffee and a bagel. Opens at 6 AM and imports Brother’s Brew Butternut Crunch Doughnuts.

3) Village Market: loaf of bread, butter, potatoes, onions, six pack of beer, Cape Pond Ice, scratch tickets, Allen’s Coffee Brandy.

4) Tackle Shop: bait, rods to rent for kids to catch a flounder behind the store, T-Shirts from Cape Pond Ice.

5) Art Studio: Art CO-OP, all media, pottery, ceramics, Rockport Art Association North Colony.

What’s on your wish list? A fresh seafood market? In-N-Out Burger? Uniqlo?

Retail Space Available: 617-482-6050

7 thoughts on “The Five Retail Doors of the Cape Ann Tool Company

  1. A coffee roasting business…but not that harsh Atomic Cafe stuff! And many picnic tables behind that structure. With a garden and huge granite slabs to climb on if you’re a kid or kid at heart!

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  2. A small marina with gas for the north side of the island. Maybe a boat ramp.
    I heard the waiting list for a mooring space in Rockport is over 500 people long.
    A lobster shack with picnic tables would be nice. Have to cater to tourists.
    Also a bulletin board with History of the building woould be nice.

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  3. A toolmaking museum and a beautiful graphic/artistic/photographic/multimedia timeline of the Cove’s history is a must. Seriously.

    As for retail, how about a store selling only locally-made products, in tribute to the former manufacturers who flourished all over Cape Ann and the cottage industries that carry on the tradition today?

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  4. I can imagine a school for arts and sciences filling the entire footprint — with a cafe and bookstore of course — but also with studios for dance, music, visual arts, robotics, marine technologies, marine sciences, and other sciences. The former tool company’s brick building across the street could be brought into service in these regards as well.

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  5. Two years later and nothing. A lot of people want nothing to happen. They like it the way it is. Change scares them. No restaurant or stores that would bring crowds back and parking problems to a commercial district that had plenty of stores long ago.

    Those people seem to rule the day.


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