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Viva San Pietro!

Closing Ceremony Saint Peter Fiesta ©Kim Smith 2015

Throngs of the faithful filled Beach Court.

Filming continued¬†for the Saint Peter’s Fiesta documentary and despite Sunday’s cancelled events, it was a fantastic last day of Fiesta 2015, fantastic in every way!¬†

Early afternoon was spent filming the Sunday Greasy Pole walkers for their pre-walk rally. After processing through downtown with stops along the way at the Gloucester House Restaurant, House of Mitch, and Saint Peter’s Club, the Walkers headed over to Beach Court.¬†The 80s Greasy pole Champions Sunday Greasy Pole Rally  ¬©Kim Smith 2015Sunday Greasy Pole Rally Nicastro and ¬©Kim Smith 2015

Sunday Greasy Pole Rally Nicastro ©Kim Smith 2015

Because Sunday’s events had been postponed to Monday and the stage¬†broken down on schedule, the statue of¬†Saint Peter was temporarily moved to Beach Court.¬†¬†After blessings and prayers, the revelers headed back to Saint Peter’s Square to board the ferry to the Greasy Pole.

Sunday Greasy Pole Rally ©Kim Smith 2015

Main Street with the Sunday Greasy Pole Walkers–the costumes¬†were especially funny and fun this year!

I raced back to Pavilion Beach to film and photograph the walkers and seine boat race. The crowd was tremendous! A special note of thanks to Sally Elliot for holding my bag the entire time while filming/photographing as I was standing in the water to get as close as possible, and struggling with camera gear. THANK YOU SALLY for all your help, so very much appreciated!

Lock and Load 2015 Seine Boat Champions Gloucester MA ¬©Kim Smith 2015JPGLock and Load Gloucester Seine Boat ¬©Kim Smith 2015Lock and Load Men’s Seine Boat Champions

The men’s seine boat race was simply thrilling; Lock and Load¬†won the close¬†race, followed by an outstanding¬†flag capture¬†by Jake Wagner.

Jake Wagner Sunday Monday 2015 Greasy Pole Champion ©KIm Smith 2015Jack Wagner 2015 Sunday Greasy Pole Champion
Joe DaSilva Greasy Pole Gloucester  ©Kim Smith 2015Joe DaSilva Courtesy Round Walk (see more grease-flying-free-falling photos here)

It's Not Easy Being Greasy ¬©Kim Smith 2015It’s Not Easy Being Greasy!

The Walkers hoisted Jack upon their shoulders and carried him to the Greasy Pole Hall of fame wall. Then it was back to Beach Court where the closing ceremony was held. Heartfelt speeches were given by the team captains, with much cheering and accolades for all.

Good Night Saint Peter ©Kim Smith 2015 copyGoodnight Saint Peter

After the award¬†ceremony, the statue of Saint Peter was processed through the Fort amidst much merriment, joyful singing, and¬†the traditional call and response: “Me chi samiou¬†tutti mutti?¬†¬†Viva San Pietro,”¬†which means, roughly: Are you all mute? (or Why are you not shouting?)-¬†long live Saint Peter!

Best Lemonade sold at Common Crow!

It’s no secret that Common Crow is amazing! BUT moving to the new location was a no brainier!

It’s the best market EVER!

I walked around aimlessly reading every label and looking at all the cool new stuff!

Then I saw the sign their hiring! Honestly, this may be the coolest job!

And I found the best lemonade EVER!



200 Eastern Ave
Gloucester, Massachusetts
(978) 283-1665

Rubber Duck Science Tuesday

1) Celestial Pin Ball continues tonight with Venus practically slamming into Jupiter in the western sky over Cape Ann just after sunset. I posted about it here and here.

But we live in New England so we have missed the approach of Venus in the past week except for a glimpse¬†and tonight right before they come into view we will leave this slice of clear air and clouds will again block our view. Try and get a glimpse because it is the closest aproach of these two planets in 2,000 years. What happened 2,000 years ago? That’s right. Some people say that the combo of the two brightest objects in the sky (besides sun and moon), was the Star of Bethlehem.

If you do catch a peak, check them out with binoculars and consider the fact you are looking at an inner planet as a crescent and a giant outer planet with four moons visible. Be one with the universe.

2) For science geek awesomeness it does not get any better than tonight at midnight 23:59:60 which will be followed by 24:00:00. How can that be? Those are the same exact times! But this is how those sneaky scientists wedge an extra leap second into today. So pour yourself another drink because today is longer than any other day of the year. Also pray that satellites and planes do not fall from the sky as computer systems worldwide add a second to their systems in different ways. Google is so freaked that they are going to do what they call a “leap smear” and spread the additional second¬†over several minutes.

If you google "Google Leap Smear" this image is the first hit.  Enjoy your 23:59:60.

If you google “Google Leap Smear” this image is the first hit. Enjoy your 23:59:60. It is also possible, besides the internet exploding, that this is an actual head exploding of the one person who thinks 60 seconds on a microwave is longer than typing in one minute.

FYI: The leap second is added because the rotation of the earth is slowing and 1 PM would eventually become high noon. The leap second is also being added at midnight Greenwich Mean Time. That is 8 PM on Cape Ann so if you want to send a text message to your loved ones be sure you get it done before 7:59:59 tonight. Go out and look at the Star of Bethlehem instead.

Guy Grub- Brisket On The Smoker Play by Play

The Homie Cast

So Lobstermen and Smoking Fanatic Pete Libro, Skipper of The F/V Cabaret IV had an extra smoker that he gave me to use down the dock.

I sent Toby out to buy a brisket and he came back with one from Market Basket for $6.99 lb which seems like a lot but it is grilling season so that’s probably the reason for the high price.

Laid out a couple sheets of foil and liberally applied Toby’s Rub. Covered it up and put it in the fridge til tomorrow morning. Plan is to get the smoker going at 6AM.





Look for the live updates tomorrow.

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Gloucester’s 57th Sidewalk Bazaar Application Deadline Today

Gloucester’s 57th Sidewalk Bazaar August 6, 7 & 8

All local Artist & Crafters who would like to join Main St Merchants & Restaurants in this fun & profitable Gloucester Main St tradition, can download applications at It’s a great way to have your craft seen by thousands of visitors to Main St. All applications should be submitted by June 30th. We will accept after this date if there is any availability.

James Eves, owner of Cape Ann Gicl√©e, Fine Art Printing and Gallery, is GMG’s Arts Enthusiast and the Calendar Guy. To submit arts related press releases, photos of arts events or any arts related posts email:
To add an event to the GMG Cape Ann Calendar go here to see how to submit events.



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