For all of you folks that have never witnessed THE MOVIE for 2013, please take the time to do so. You will be entertained.

(for ease of playback on a video of this length, click the play button, then pause it for a few seconds, it speeds up the loading process)

And please come out and support this years event, it’a for the NEXT STEP, they change lives…you could, too!

7 thoughts on “BIKINI-SPEEDO DODGEBALL 2013 – THE MOVIE #gloucesterma

  1. SkyProp Media FTW!

    Best in the business.

    Now after seeing this insane footage and incredible editing are you telling me that this year’s event coverage will potentially include drone captured footage?

    Cuz my head might explode.

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    1. If I’m in town, your damn right bro. Better go pro’s, more cameras, and yes ball fights from the sky. Jesus himself may show up, too!


  2. Cleavage and banana sling drone shots! Except they really aren’t banana slings. More like the photo of the squirrel with enormous nuts that went around the internet a few years ago.

    25 minutes of retina searing action! There are several places where one needs to slow-mo through the blistering high speed action. Warm-ups at 1:11 for instance came and went too quickly.


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