Updated: Joey C Local Gift No Brainers

Easiest of all and most bang for your buck- Dinner Dealer Decks get them here- https://www.dinnerdealer.com/decks/

For A Woman- It’s hard to leave Pisces without a cool gift.

For Hand Crafted Stuff- Present Down at The Bottom Of Union Hill and diagonally from Stones, def going to walk out with something cool and unique.

Alexandria’s Bread Co- I’ve said it a bunch of times- Alexandria should be a buyer for Target because she has an eye for timeless interesting things and that space offers many  T Shirts and other things that scream Timeless New England Coastal Community.

Take your favorite photo of your child or local scene and email it to James and Anna At Cape Ann Giclee to get a Canvas wrap made of that image and if you are giving that present to someone that the photo holds meaning for, you can’t get more personalized than that.

The Weathervane for your Cape Pond Ice gear.

Passports is currently offering 20% on Gift Certificates- easy No Brainer for one of the best restaurants in town that you’ll undoubtedly be visiting.

Our Donna Ardizzoni can have any of her images put on a pillow for you- check out her website here- http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/donnaardizzoni.html

Sista Felicia’s Cookbook which preserves and shares traditional Sicilian recipes for future generations

For Men- Merino Wool Socks or Other Warm Outdoor Gear at Nelsons

Kim Smith’s Oh Garden Of Possibilities for The Local Gardener

Sporting Goods as well as Gloucester/Rockport/Manchester Caps- Palazolas

Gift Certificates At Any Of the Local Massage Joints

Cape Ann License Plate- Ordering Info- http://capeannchamber.com/cape-ann-license-plate/

TBT Post Alpaca Sweaters, Shawls, Hats and Gloves- Guaranteed To Walk Out With a Woman’s Present (The Men’s Classic Alpaca Crew Neck Sweaters In Black or Grey Are Timeless and Reasonably Priced As Well)

You Can Get One Of Paulie Walnuts’ Late Father’s Paintings (he was a great painter of Gloucester’s Fishing Fleet)-

EJ probably has some of her inspiring Moolong books kicking around

The Village Silvermith and Blue River Diamonds downtown- wide range of women’s jewelry- you can definitely walk out of those joints with a gift.

Local Colors Artist Cooperative- Joe Fish Prints or Rusty and Ingrid Prints or any of the other tons of stuff there locally crafted.  100% can walk out of there with a gift.

Life Is Good Now Has the exclusive local sellers of Cape Ann Tuna Club Gear

Any of the Gear From The Wicked Tuna Boats Make Good presents for the fans of those shows Hard Merchandise Gear Tuna.Com Gear

The Art Room on Center Street also carries unique clothing and art for women.

Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets at The Cave and Savour Wine and Cheese.

Beth Williams Studios has completely unique blown glass items for your ladyfriend.

Pop Gallery Is the place for funky presents for your man or woman
You want a hand painted unique to you mailbox or something else? Paulines Gifts #Boom

Not sure how I could have forgotten an old school framed print from your neighborhood from our boy Fred at Bodin Historic Photo.

Also for the sport fisherman in your life, Stevie Corbett’s Chum Cutter

These are just some of the no-brainers I can think of right off the top of my head, feel free to help complete my list by adding a comment in the post or forwarding me a link to your favorite local joint or gift to add.

3 thoughts on “Updated: Joey C Local Gift No Brainers

  1. Thanks for the great list. May I suggest The Sarah Elizabeth Shop in Rockport. Julia Garrison prints textiles using the historic Acorn Press. She has added many new designs to her selection including designs on leather. Visit her in the shop or stop by the Cape Ann Museum shop to view her designs.


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