Electricity Update #5: Video Walkthrough- Energy Efficiency Assesment and Free Stuff At Mom’s House

The ongoing series of finding ways to cut Home Energy Costs and Be More Comfortable In Your Own Home Part 5

In this video you’ll see the things Kevin From Next Step did to inspect and replace inefficient things in my mom’s house.

If ever there has been something I stand behind as being 100% no-brainer and you’d have to be crazy to not take advantage of it’s this.  Not only is it incredibly interesting, but the immediate money in your pocket saving and free lightbulbs that look exactly like the old inefficient ones that they are replacing. To know all the places where you are losing heat so you can take steps to correct those things.  If you want to have insulation work done or weather sealing to have Mass Save pay for 75% of THAT. To know that you can elect to have any of it done or not and to know you are already paying for it on your electric bill in the line item “Energy Efficiency Charge” and then not take advantage of it.  You would have to say to yourself “That person is crazy to not want to do this.”

I was blown away with what my mom got, how interesting it was and how much I learned about energy savings and teh construction of my mom’s house.

If you want to take advantage of awesome programs available to you right now for zero out of pocket then watch the video and sign up for your own energy efficiency assessment and get a ton of free lightbulbs, power strips, electronic thermostats that will turn down the heat at night or while you’re at work automatically, and efficient showerheads.


Here’s the video walkthrough and conclusions of my Mom’s house so you can see what you can expect to learn and receive again, for zero cost-

totalcostzeroOh, I Forgot To Mention The Free Electronic Thermostats That They Will Provide and Install Free Of Charge.  My Mom has nine of the standard dial thermostats that they are going to come in and replace free of charge with programmable ones that will turn them down at night automatically and when you are off to work and then turn them back up just before you wake or come home from work for even more savings.  They are going to replace and install 9 of them for a total savings of $1062. and that is not to mention any of the monthly savings she will receive from not having to go around and turn down the thermostats herself every day.  No frickin brainer city.  A grand+ in savings for zero dollars.

freeelectronicthermostatsIf you want to take advantage sign up to get on board-




2 thoughts on “Electricity Update #5: Video Walkthrough- Energy Efficiency Assesment and Free Stuff At Mom’s House

  1. Had our assessment done today. Mike from NextStep was great – nice guy, very knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. He installed a bunch of bulbs, set us up with a couple of updated power strips and replaced our ancient thermostat. We’re going have their guys out to take a look at a few other things as well. This was a no-brainer!


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