Tony’s Magnolia House of Pizza Fire Photos From Donna Ardizzoni

The four kids on bikes, Colby Rochford, Bryce Rochford, Dylan Rochford and Andrew Litteman were the guardians of Magnolia today. Early this morning while riding their bikes, they saw smoke coming from the basement and immediately went over the firehouse to report this. Smart kids and they should deserve a big thank you. Also if you would like to donate to the fire fund, please go to The Magnolia Historical Society’s website . Please refer to the firefund.

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31 thoughts on “Tony’s Magnolia House of Pizza Fire Photos From Donna Ardizzoni

      1. Thanks, Donna, I saw that, but I dropped off 2 bags of clothes earlier tonight to 15 Lexington, friends of one if the families displaced and about to set up a new photography studio, she and her husband were very nice and helpful, I’m going to search for more stuff to donate tomorrow.


  1. Its a little to freaky that it looks like there’s a woman in the first window of the fifth picture …. Those boys deserve some kind of commendation….


  2. Great coverage and to the young men on the bikes – as you pointed out a great big thank you to them! And to those who lost so much my prayer’s and thoughts are with you – these type fires spread into walls and celings are so very hard to bring under control, and using firefighter’s pike poles…time to reach into pockets here and donate also! 😦 Dave & Kim:-(


  3. Donna, great photos and great reporting. Was shocking to see building on fire, and sad to hear about the loss of pets. Do you know if kids clothes are needed or just adults?


  4. My husband and I ate at Tony’s a week ago last Saturday. The boys came in to pick up a pizza. The oldest gave money to the others for the gumball machine. They were very polite. Good job boys for knowing what to do.


  5. i lived on the third floor. thank you to everyone and anyone that donated clothes to me and the other families that lived there. my fiance and i can not thank the community enough for the support and love that has poured in. thank you all.


    1. You are very welcome! I donated a few bags if clothes and a bag and have more if needed. Happy to help and just so glad that you are all safe. I feel blessed to live in such an amazing community and know that you all would have done the same for others if situations reversed. Just let us know if there is anything else you need, dropping off some toiletries and gift cards later.


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