Oh Phil, We Love You Still, and Always Will

PhilBazaar PhilGMGpartyWM

You think you know someone, but later on realize you really don’t. Such is the case with Phil Krone, who came here every summer with his beloved partner Ann Williamson. Like so many others, they were drawn to Cape Ann, and frequented the Sidewalk Bazaar. Last year, they came down from Vermont just for the 2013 Good Morning Gloucester Holiday Party. Phil left us on September 8th, 2014, at the age of 67, from complications caused by COPD. But there’s so much more… Part of Phil’s life was making shoes in his own shop in Worcester. Notable customers included Bruce Springsteen for custom boots made from scratch, and also Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. Mick came in, accompanied by fellow band member Keith Richards, for a rebuild of his favorite “Chelsea” boots, designed to slide across the floor during a performance. Jagger personally thanked our Phil Krone for remaking his boots, saying: “These boots are better than ever,” which was a similar compliment given by the “Boss” from New Jersey, USA. So Mr. Phillip, sorry I wasn’t there to greet you at the Pearly Gates of Heaven (I almost did 3x this year), but we on Cape Ann love and miss you, as one of our own. Like all of the subjects of my obit/remembrances, I wish I knew you better. However, my brother in law, Robert Doss, who died the day before you, was there to greet you with his outstretched hand and the perfect grilled meal for you. Me, I’ll see you later… Wild, Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away. Fred

8 thoughts on “Oh Phil, We Love You Still, and Always Will

  1. Fred,

    Another great dedication from a friend to a friend sorry for both of your losses and the honor you bestowed on them…you always carry what the left for your to carry along also! “Like the song wild horses stones-1971 – popular high school!”
    Dave:-) & Kim:-)


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