Does Size Really Matter?

Our sleepy little slice of heaven! As I sit here and watch the boys play in the water, I’m getting sad because I’m guessing that our long days at this little beach are probably numbered. I’m thinking that by next summer they’ll want to be at a bigger, and maybe more action-packed beach, and I’m wondering, while both have absolute pros and cons, which one is “better.” “Better” obviously being subjective and not a very fair word.

Little Beach Pros = We can walk to this beach and it is incredibly easy to keep an eye on both boys. They can walk from end to end and I can still see them. They can go rock climbing, tidal pooling, and swimming….and sometimes, like now, I can actually stay in my chair for 15 minutes straight. My favorite part, you may ask, is that the view is second to none.

Little Beach Cons = sadly, it may soon seem boring and too small for my ever growing boys.

Big Beach Pros = Well, more excitement for sure. Probably bigger waves too. And, for me, pretty excellent people watching.

Big Beach Cons = The parking, the dragging of beach crap for long distances, and long stretches of beach, blanketed by people, that make it harder to keep track of my super fast children. I would be remiss to not add, that inevitably, we sit next to the blowholes who use increasingly loud and foul language and blast their not-so-soothing music each time we rally to go.

Those cons having been said, gosh knows our big beaches on Cape Ann are undeniably gorgeous!

Maybe tonight I will create a poll of which type of beach is “better.” The age-old question of “Does size really matter?”

3 thoughts on “Does Size Really Matter?

  1. I remember when my kids were little, Wingersheek was the beach because it was easy to watch them and now with grand children the same goes, we have a little beach that I love because I can get there in a minute.


  2. Excellent post and responses above – Lanes Cove was where I hung out a lot 3-4 minute walk from house then and swim there were a few areas had to be careful around breakwall entrance and raft area with other’s in the area – but not bad over by George Morey’s fish shack since restored. High tide like many lose some of the sand or what would be considered the beach part. we also swim in Butmans quarry by Manship estate – Walker Hancock quarry up in woods minus swimsuits. Dave 🙂


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