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FEMA flood INFO for Cape Ann From Kenny MacCarthy

Hi Joey,

Over the last few months, I’ve compiled a lot of information on the new FEMA regulations and flood zones here on Cape Ann. The links are all in one place on my blog. Just click here.

If you don’t need this, share it with someone that does. It’s a big deal and will really affect property values.

As always, let me know if I can help.



Community Photos 7/22/14

Michael Miller Submits-

Hi Joey,

The splendid fundraiser “Diner En Blanc. ”

More photos:

Lahey Health hosted a cocktail cruise in Gloucester Harbor to celebrate the contributions of the Dusky Foundation

Lahey Health hosted a cocktail cruise in Gloucester Harbor on July 10 to celebrate the contributions of the Dusky Foundation and its support of Addison Gilbert Hospital, Cape Ann’s resource for state-of-the-art care close to home. Gifts donated during the cruise will be used to improve care and services delivered at Addison Gilbert Hospital. Featured left to right: Lahey Health President and CEO Dr. Howard Grant, Vice President of Addison Gilbert Hospital Cynthia Cafasso Donaldson, Linzee and Beth Coolidge of the Dusky Foundation, and President and CEO of Addison Gilbert and Beverly Hospitals Denis Conroy.

Group shot at boat cruise

That Nutty Redhead Lisa Griffiths, aka Victoriana Lady Lisa, portraying her Victorian grandmother Ella Mae, circa 1900 at the annual Gloucester Block Party. “It was my Victorian grandmother’s recipe from her turn of the century cookbook that inspired my praline gourmet nut business That Nutty Redhead. Thanks grandma!!” 🙂

Whale Watch on the 7 Seas

The Gloucester Haiku Project


photo-2-1Howdy Joey and Kim,

I’ve been meaning to send this your way, but we’ve been busy, busy, busy. I was wondering if you could help spread the word about The Gloucester Haiku Project. We’re asking folks–residents and visitors–to write a haiku or two about Gloucester. The subject matter can be anything, from the beauty of the back shore to our glorious pothole riddled streets. Anything, as long as it has to do with Gloucester. We’re looking for small poems from everyone, not just poets. We’ve been getting quite a few from kids, which is fantastic.

We’ll be collecting haiku until August 31, after which we will choose the best and publish them in a poetry chapbook this fall via Lit House Press. We’ve even set up a little box outside our shop at 261 Main St. for folks to drop their haiku off, maybe while they’re picking up bread at Alexandra’s or pet supplies from Animal Krackers. We’re also taking submissions online at: The Eastern Point Lit House Gloucester Haiku Project.

Thank you for all you do to bring this community together! And we’ll be expecting haiku from the two of you for sure!


Chris (Anderson)


Cocktails On The Deck Of The Studio

The Water Shuttle just arrived with full boat and several passengers waiting to board… Life is good on Rocky Neck!

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